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LaCie Mirror Hard Drive Unveiled with Gorilla Glass



LaCie is mostly known for its ugly, but extremely rugged external hard drives, but it’s been known to dabble in fashionable designs for some of its products. The LaCie Mirror is the latest designer hard drive from the company, which was announced at CES 2015.

The LaCie Mirror is just what the name suggests. It’s a mirror that doubles as an external hard drive, or is an external hard drive that doubles as a mirror? Whatever side you take, the LaCie Mirror is completely covered in Corning’s toughened Gorilla Glass 3, which is known mostly for protecting smartphone screens from scratches.

The hard drive comes with a nice wooden stand to keep the hard drive propped up, so you can actually use it as a mirror if you want to, but just be aware that whenever you look at the hard drive, your reflection will be looking right back, even when you don’t want it to.


The drive will be available in a 1TB model and will release later this month for a cool $280, which is way more than you should spend on a 1TB external hard drive, but if you’re looking for something that also doubles as a piece of art, the LaCie Mirror is a good option for that.

Last year at CES 2014, LaCie unveiled the Sphere, which is a perfectly round mirrored-finish external hard drive. It looks extremely nice and is a nice companion to any desk of a user who’s all about design. The LaCie Mirror is essentially an addition to that product, turning LaCie into a fashionable hard drive manufacturer.

Other than the Mirror, LaCie also announced and unveiled the 4TB Rugged RAID Thunderbolt hard drive. RAID external hard drives are nothing new, but LaCie claims this one is the fastest hard drive on the market, with speeds of up to 240MB/s, which is really fast.


The drive comes with two 2TB hard drives on the inside, allowing you to configure it in either RAID 0 or RAID 1 options to either optimize for speed or data piece-of-mind.

Of course, this drive is mostly meant for professionals that need big storage and fast speeds. The drive is completely bus-powered and is covered in an aluminum shell that’s protected by a layer of rubber for drop protection.

The LaCie 4TB Rugged RAID Thunderbolt hard drive will release at some point during the first quarter of this year for a hefty price of $449. However, it still doesn’t cost as much as the company’s Sphere drive, which is priced at $490 for just 1TB of storage.

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