Lady Gaga Born This Way Playbutton World's Most Useless MP3 Player
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Lady Gaga Born This Way Playbutton World’s Most Useless MP3 Player



Are you tired of Lady Gaga yet? Too bad, because she’s set on invading every aspect of our culture until she can claim to have given birth to us all in some weird science fiction odyssey that I’m sure she plans to release as a movie sometime in 2013.

This holiday season she’s already subjected us to her Thanksgiving special, and Barneys New York is helping her infect the masses with their 12 days of Gaga in partnership with Gaga’s Workshop.

Every day the store offers up yet another Gaga-related item to fill the empty space in your soul left by listening to her music. Today is day 11 and the special treat is a button (the kind you pin on) that is also an MP3 player. The Playbutton contains all 22 tracks from a special edition of the Born This Way album and… that’s it.

Gagas Workshop Playbutton

For $50 you get a heavy button that can play one album and that you can’t add anything to — it’s just 1.75 inches in diameter, so there’s no room for a microUSB slot. Also, player controls are on the back, so you can look forward to a really awkward and frustrating time trying to skip or repeat songs.

This device is Lady Gaga to a T.

If you’re really eager to grab another piece of Gaga paraphernalia, the Playbutton is available right now. No returns!



  1. Anonymous

    12/05/2011 at 7:20 am

    I used to dislike Lady Gaga because she was too popular and her music too artificial. Then I stumbled across some unplugged/live stuff… She *can*sing, as opposed to the Britneys and Madonnas that preceded her.
    She does go all-hog (r is that all-Cher ?) on the “anything to get noticed” track, and is as merchandised as Stars Wars (and she can’t dance)… But she sings well, and her tunes are quite good, once unplugged.

  2. Dressupfun

    12/18/2011 at 9:47 pm

    its only 28 dollars…….

  3. God

    01/13/2012 at 4:19 pm

    This information is irrelevant, you dont like it because you dont like her, and you dont like her because you are a  pretentious moron.

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