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Laptop Bags Designed To Let You Get Through Security Easier



Given that airline travel is going to become increasingly more frustrating with announcements like American Airlines beginning to charge $15 for the first checked bag this summer, any news that might offer a little relief is welcome.

The Transportation Security Administration is working with Skooba Design and Targus to design bags that would let computer users avoid the hassle of having to remove their laptops from their bags when they pass through security, according to USA Today. Quoted in the article is TSA honcho Chip Hawley who says:

This is very doable, and we’ll be in a position in a couple of months to say people who show up with these types of laptop cases will be able to put them though X-ray machines,”

I imagine many others manufacturers will follow suit, and given the timing, it looks like a lot folks will be shopping for these kind of bags for the Christmas season. That is of course if we have airlines still able to afford to fly by then.

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