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Laptop Mag Interviews Asus CEO on Sales Figures, Touch, and More



Interesting interview from Laptop Magazine that is worth a read. Joanna Stern chatted with Asus CEO Jerry Shen and got some interesting answers from the man who runs the company that shook everything up this year.

You should read the entire review but Joanna listed these highlights:

  • Four million Eee PCs have been sold to date. He plans to reach the goal of 5 million Eee PC sales by the end of 2008.
  • Touch-enabled Eee PCs are on the way and will be here by early 2009. Shen didn’t share the details of the form factor, though he said they are exploring a convertible mode and a regular laptop form for touch-enabled Eee PCs. They will also run Windows 7 as early as mid-2009.
  • Several skus of the Eee PC give customers numerous choices and allow them to find the Eee PC that best fits their needs.
  • The Eee Family continues to grow with the EeeTop this month (that has an Easy Mode for Windows XP) and more products that will be announced at CES in January 2009.
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