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Laptop Mag Reviews Dell Mini 12 Netbook



Laptop Mag got their hands on a Dell Mini 12 Netbook and has posted up a quick first impression. That quick first impression though seems to suggest that this might not be the fastest performer out of the box. Keep in mind the Dell Mini 12 is running Vista Basic on an Intel Atom Z530 (Silverthorne) and not the Atom N270 that heretofore we’ve been accustomed to seeing. The reviewer, Joanna Stern, is asking the same questions I am. How does this perform with XP? Is Vista the choke point here, or is it something to do with the new processor. Joanna promises more to come, so this will be interesting to watch.



  1. Michael Milne

    11/07/2008 at 8:54 am

    Why anyone would want this is beyond me, Vista Basic, a 12 in non digitizer screen, slow performance – why would anyone pick this over any of the light weight Tablet converts – Ok weight maybe but the difference between 3 and 2.whatever is 0 for most people. Then there are still many more lightweight top performers availble now. This will never be released.

  2. parkunsun

    12/06/2008 at 5:00 am

    We were very disappointed with ours. We loaded Kaspersky antivirus on it, and it slowed down a lot. Without Vista, and with 2 gig of Ram, this machine has so much potential. Forcing us to use vista on a forced and un-upgradable 1 gig of Ram makes this a poor choice as it currently is.

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