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Laptop Security Tips



Lifehacker is featuring an excellent how-to that demonstrates the steps necessary to secure and protect your laptop.  Their tips are broken down into the following phases:

  • Phase One: Lock and Key
    • This phase discusses ways to physically protect your machine from being stolen.
  • Phase Two: Alarms and Security Cameras
    • How to keep an eye on any unauthorized individuals that might use your machine.  The embedded video shows iAlertU, a program for Macs that essentially sounds an alarm when someone tries to jack your mac. 
  • Phase Three:  Retrieval
    • This section highlights methods to get your machine back when someone else has taken off with all your priceless ‘puter.

There are additional tips like encrypting your hard drive, or accessing your laptop remotely.  Since school time is here or right around the corner, these tips will ensure that your laptop is safe and your homework gets finished.

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