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CES 2013

LarkLife Band Rivals Fuelband



At CES 2013 there has been a huge focus on health and personal fitness technology. One of the devices that allows users to better monitor their health and fitness is the LarkLife band. LarkLife is similar to the Nike Fuelband, another band that tracks data such as steps taken or calories burned. For those who are on a diet, or are serious about exercise, the LarkLife is a good competitor.

LarkLife offers features like vibrating alarms, rather than a traditional alarm, it keeps track of what users are eating and it also monitors activity to help users have a healthier lifestyle.

Just like the Fuelband, the LarkLife band is worn throughout the day to help stay on top of your fitness and health. The big difference the LarkLife has over competitors is that it will send push notifications to the user to help motivate them throughout the day.


The Larklife band is a Nike+ Fuelband rival.

This is a great idea as many diets, or exercise plans, do not always work out because of lack of motivation. With LarkLife, push notifications that are sent from the device to the iPhone are messages specifically directed to each user.

The LarkLife will also track a user’s sleeping patterns to see how much rest they are actually getting overnight. This data can then be interpreted so that the user can go to bed by a certain time, or do other things to help and improve their sleeping pattern.

The LarkLife will be available for purchase now at a $149.99.

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