Last Team Standing GTA 5 Update Brings Blasts & More Jobs
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Last Team Standing GTA 5 Update Brings Blasts & More Jobs



GTA 5, the open-world game that lets users pull off highly detailed heists and includes all sorts of pop-culture jokes, has always had a pretty extensive list of weapons for players to choose from and missions to take on. With the Last Team Standing update for GTA 5’s multiplayer experience, developer Rockstar is taking those weapons to the next level and adding in more ways to have fun.

Rockstar announced the Last Team Standing update for GTA 5 in a blog post earlier today. Tucked inside are tons of changes and new things to do in Grand Theft Auto Online, the online multiplayer world that comes free with every copy of GTA 5.

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GTA V players will find 10 new Jobs are ready for them to complete after they’ve downloaded the free update. Joining those will be some changes to the way matchmaking works throughout the online experience.

All those new Jobs are going to be great, but it’s the stuff that users can accumulate that’s going to matter more. The Last Team Standing Update for GTA 5 adds a new heavy shotgun and marksman rifle to the game’s list of weapons. Users will be able to purchase the two new weapons from any of the game’s equipment shops with in-game currency. New masks, shirts, pants and a bullet proof helmet are also available inside the games shops. That bullet proof helmet should prove useful to GTA 5 players embarking on seriously dangerous missions.

Two new motorcycles – one a street bike and the other a casual cruiser – are in the update as well. Finally there is a new GT rated sports car for players to spend their hard-earned cash on.

The missions that are included in the Last Team Standing update for GTA 5 aren’t the only new way users can experience this new content. Last Team Standing adds a creator that lets players make their own custom jobs that depend on teams to complete. In addition to adding Last Team Standing missions to the mix, the update also bolters Job creation for other modes. For example, Capture missions can now have different rounds that users must compete in. Versus missions can have rounds now too. GTA 5 players creating their own Jobs can now enforce weapons on every playing in their custom jobs too. Creators can insist that users only play with guns with a scope for sniping.

Tons of little changes are scattered throughout the experience too. Rockstar has increased the amount that users can bet through the gambling app on their character’s mobile phone. On-Call is a new system that makes it easier to find other users to play mini games with. New voting screens combine multiple sessions of the same Job so that it’s easier to keep playing against players you like.

All told, it’s an absolutely mammoth update for a game that’s already been out for a year. When Rockstar first announced details about GTA 5 it said that it had plans to ensure users got value out of the online mode for a long time. In the past year, Rockstar has released a ton of updates. Some simply fixed bugs that Grand Theft Auto Online shipped with. Others increased payouts and balanced different play styles. The overwhelming majority of Grand Theft 5 updates added new cars for players to collect and new clothing for them to spend their in-game money on. All of this is on top of the pretty awesome story that the game included.

In the game’s campaign users are able to play as Franklin, Michael and Trevor. Each has his own issues and plot lines. Each also has his own strength and weaknesses, but they all contribute to the game’s story.

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GTA 5 is available now for the Xbox 360 and Sony’s PS3. Grand Theft Auto 5 for Xbox One and PS4 arrives on November 18th. These versions of the game will add a first-person shooting mode to the game as well as better graphics and an updated soundtrack.

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