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Latest Windows Updates Killed Send To OneNote 2007 & Print Option? Solution Found!



GBM Forum member Blair discovered that the latest updates released just this past week resulted in the elimination of the “Send To OneNote2007” printing option. Although the problem seemed sporadic (fortunately, I still have mine), Forum member and OneNote2007 developer/guru BruceCr_ms pointed us towards an entry on Daniel Escapa’s OneNote blog that details a workaround for the mysterious disappearance of the print option. Daniel Escapa’s blog was just updated with an entry that spells out how to fix it and what caused it:

Send to OneNote Print Driver disappears after installing Sept update

We have gotten reports from some users that their Send to OneNote Print Driver disappeared after installing the September 2008 (9-Sept-2008) update.   We have been able to reproduce this ourselves and we have some guidance for you all:

If you haven’t installed the update yet

If you haven’t installed the security update please reboot your machine and then immediately install the update.   By doing this you should ensure that the print driver continues to stay on your system.

If you have already installed the update and your print driver is missing

If you are missing the print driver you should be able to restore it by running a repair of your Office installation.   You can do this on XP by going to Control Panel, choosing Add/Remove Programs and then find Microsoft Office, right-click on it and choose to Repair.   For Vista go to Programs & Features (from Start menu or Control Panel) and right-click on Microsoft Office and choose Repair.

If you have already installed the update and your print driver is NOT missing

You don’t need to do anything!

What caused this?

We found that the print driver will be removed if you have printed to OneNote during the same Windows session where you installed the update.   So if you printed to OneNote and then a day later, without rebooting, you installed the update then the print driver would be removed.   However if you haven’t printed to OneNote in awhile you can safely install the update without any problem, that is also why I recommend that you reboot before installing this update.

We apologise for this and we are looking into why this happened to ensure it doesn’t happen in the future.


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