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Launching Into HyperSpace to Avoid Slow Boot Up Times

Do you dread performing a cold boot on your laptop or Tablet PC, or do you just head for a cup of coffee after hitting the switch? Wouldn’t you love to see your Tablet PC boot with warp drive like speed? Well, Phoneix Techologies isn’t working on a warp drive but they are working on HyperSpace. The idea behind HyperSpace is to embedd a user’s most referenced applications into a layer on top of the BIOS so that they can be launched without a full boot into Windows. A press of the F4 key launches you into HyperSpace. Phoneix is targeting this long term as a key to “ultrapersonalized” computers, so that a user (or group of users) will have applications they need to access quickly at the press of a key.

This is certainly an interesting development for mobile users, and it looks like we may see computers being shipped with HyperSpace sometime in 2008.

Via Wired

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