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LE1600 Convertible Keyboard



Overall, I’ll say that I’m pleased with the LE1600 Convertible Keyboard. I’ll summarize my thoughts as a series of bullet points, rather than a very long post.


  • It props up the tablet and allows for a wide range of angle placement, much like a regular laptop.
  • No messy cables
  • The keyboard is much better and types like a regular notebook. The keyboard keeps up really well with my typing and I don’t feel like I have to ““pound” the keys to get them to work, like the hardtop keyboard does.
  • I’ve used it as my primary keyboard for the past two days. Although, I plan on hooking up my natural keyboard for normal use, I could use this keyboard all day if I had to.
  • It has a USB, power, and accessory port.


  • I’m also using the extended battery with my tablet pc. The convertible keyboard will not attach to the back of the tablet when the extended battery is being used. That is a very bad move. It removes the ability to use the tablet as a slate and still keep the keyboard attached ““just in case” you need it. When I went to a client site yesterday, I left the keyboard in the car because I knew I would be writing notes, but I really wanted it ““just in case”
  • To use the accessory cable ( cd / dvd for example), you have to remove the accessory port cover — a piece that is very easy to lose, and one I would rather not put back on. But you really need it on there because without it, there is a gaping hole on the side of the keyboard
  • To use the keyboard, you have to remove the docking connector cover — another piece that is very easy to lose.
  • When I move the keyboard back and forth, I hear a very loud ““pop” as the hinge moves. I’m calling tech support about this issue.
  • My eraser head lost about half of its’ sticky grip after the first day of use — under normal use
  • I’ve not determined whether I’m truly losing an hour of battery after using the keyboard — it could be due to some calibrating settings on the battery monitor. There is a thread on Tablet PC Buzz about that.

Overall Impression:

I’m pleased enough with the keyboard that the Likes outweigh the Dislikes. It has made my purchase of the LE1600 worth it. The most glaring disappointment for me is the fact that I can’t attach the keyboard to the back of the tablet when using the extended battery — for the most mobile users who need the keyboard and the extended battery, the usage scenario would dictate that it should be able to attach to the back of the tablet.

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