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Leak Points to Blue HTC One Arriving on Sprint in September



Perspective Sprint HTC One owners will get one more color to choose from when picking up an HTC One this fall when the Blue HTC One arrives on Sprint.

That’s according to a report from PhoneArena, whose has a leaked road map of the carrier’s upcoming launches. It indicates that the Blue HTC One will launch on Sprint on the 10th and will cost users $99.99 with a two-year service agreement. So far, all information has pointed to the Blue HTC One being exactly the same internally as the other variants of the device. That includes the Red HTC One which debuted on the carrier just last week.

That isn’t to say that the device is a slouch. Each HTC One includes a 4.7-inch display that is capable of running 1080p high-definition video. It’s also equipped with a 1.7 GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, giving it all the processing power it needs to keep up with even new Android flagship devices like the LG G2. The device also packs a 4 megapixel rear-facing camera with UltraPixel technology. Because each of the camera’s pixels are enlarged, the device is able capture very decent photographs.

The blue HTC One has been rumored for Verizon.

The blue HTC One has been rumored for Verizon.

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It’s unclear if the NextRadio application that shipped as part of a Sprint promotion on the Red HTC One will also come equipped on the Blue HTC One. Regardless, HTC users with an Android device can already download the app from the Google Play Store, making it a bit of a moot point.

If the roadmap and source are correct, the Blue HTC One will cost users $100 less than the Red, Silver and Black HTC One devices cost users on the carrier today. While the report didn’t detail if the lower cost is because of a limited-time promotion for the device, it’s more likely that the lower price is because the device will début on the same day as Apple is likely to announce the iPhone 5S, its next generation smartphone.

A screenshot of the roadmap sent to Phone Arena.

A screenshot of the roadmap sent to Phone Arena that details launch plans for the Blue HTC One.

While the iPhone 5S isn’t likely to début immediately after the event, the device’s unveiling is likely to distract from the HTC One in the days and weeks following its release.

There is still no word on if or when the Blue HTC One will arrive on Verizon. While previous rumors had indicated that the color would be exclusive to that carrier, today’s leaks prove otherwise.

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1 Comment

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