Leaked iPhone 5 Part Points to 4-Inch Edge-to-Edge Display

A new part, which allegedly comes from the next-generation iPhone 5, points to the iPhone 5 as having a larger display that measures 4-inches diagonally in size.

Chinese blog MyDrivers, courtesy of Redmond Pie, claims that it has received a part from a source in the supply chain. Supply chain sources are extremely hit or miss so at this point, we have to take this claim with a grain of salt.

That being said, the part does look the part and it could very well be a piece of the upcoming iPhone 5 from Apple, a device that is rumored to boast a 4-inch display.

This part allegedly comes from the iPhone 5.

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The part also seems to point to an edge-to-edge display and the report also claims that the touch sensors of the next iPhone will be baked into the the LCD display which means that there will be a reduced number of layers.

A reduced number of layers would allow for Apple to release an iPhone 5 with a thinner design, something that, along with the larger display, has been rumored to be coming with the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Rumors

Apple has been rumored to be bumping up the screen of the iPhone 5 to 4-inches. This would take the iPhone’s display up from the usual size of 3.5-inches, a size that has been found on all previous sizes of the iPhone.

In addition, Apple is rumored to be launching an iPhone 5 that could feature a metal back instead of a glass one, a taller but thinner design to allow for the larger display, a faster processor and more RAM.

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There is also talk of an upgraded front-facing camera for better video chat quality, a smaller dock connector and an NFC chip for use with mobile payment services.

iPhone 5 Release Date

Like the hardware, the iPhone 5 release date is still unclear. August, September and October have all been rumored to be release months for the iPhone 5. October though, seems to be the most logical.

That’s because that is the month that the iPhone 4S came out last year and Apple is a company that likes to follow yearly cycles.

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At the very least, we know that a new iPhone, should Apple announce one, will be out this fall. That’s because the company announced that iOS 6, the new mobile operating system that it announced at WWDC, will be out sometime during that season.

Apple’s new iPhone generally runs the company’s new software and the iPhone 5 should be no different.