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Leaked PS4 3.0 Update Details Are What Users Have Waited For



It’s a generally accepted truth that video game console maker Sony has focused on delivering cool game experiences rather than adding big-name features to its PS4 gaming console. Challenging that perception this week are leaked PS4 Update 3.0 details that should have any gamer excited to get the coming update.

Allegedly, PS4 3.0 details leaked to the internet this week from Japanese website PocketNews. The features list shared by the media outlet are from Japanese PS4 owners already testing out the PS4 3.0 Update before Sony announces it officially on its website and blog. The feature list is long and extensive.

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One that should immediately catch anyone’s attention is improved YouTube support. The PS4 3.0 Update adds what the outlet describes as broadcasting support for Google’s online video service. This means owners of the PS4 will be able to stream game footage live to YouTube in the same way that the PS4 now supports Twitch streaming. Whether Microsoft’s Xbox One is also getting this feature isn’t yet clear, but if it isn’t it’s a huge leg up for the PS4. YouTube is the world’s most popular online video website.

PS4 Update 3.0 adds more community features to the mix too. Reportedly, there’s now a specific area in the PS4 interface that shows off what’s happening on the PlayStation Network. PS4 owners can create and join communities made up of their friends, complete with chatting and parties. If true, this is a brilliant feature meant to make the PlayStation Network the premiere place to build a network of gaming friends.

Included in the PS4 3.0 Update also are small upgrades too. 10 second clip uploads to Twitter, comments for What’s New feed items, stickers for messages and sub-account creation for minors are coming too. Allegedly, Sony also plans to borrow from Microsoft’s playbook and lump all of the benefits of its PlayStation Plus subscription into a single area for users to browse. Microsoft added an area similar to this to Xbox One a few months ago.

If true, the PS4 3.0 Update could be a game changer for Sony, which hasn’t been pushing out new features in the same way Microsoft has. Instead of a smattering of upgrades every few months, Sony has focused features in launch waves. For example, SharePlay and PlayStation Music with Spotify are huge functional upgrades added since launch. SharePlay turns the PS4 into a virtual couch, letting other PS4 users take control of a game if their friends need help or if there’s only local co-operative and multiplayer.

Microsoft has added tons of smaller features, like the Activity Feed, which has to be inspired by what’s on the PS4 and social network Facebook.

One of the biggest complaints leveled at the Xbox One is how isolated gaming on it feels when compared to the Xbox 360. Early, the Xbox 360 offered a Community area where users could learn about new features, find Xbox Live events to take part in and more. If Sony’s Community area manages to bring back that feeling of togetherness and make maintaining a decent collection of friends that play regularly, the Xbox One might never recover from the worldwide sales deficit it suffers now.

Microsoft has a major revamp of its Xbox One software planned for this fall, but we haven’t seen much of it yet.

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For right now, Sony is staying quiet on the existence of the PS4 3.0 update and any features that might be coming in the near term. The company will definitely have more to share about the update if it’s real towards the fall.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Modi Rage

    08/13/2015 at 3:41 am

    Sony does larger updates than Microsoft because many people get annoyed by frequent monthly updates. Microsoft’s frequent updates have also caused many bugs and system crashes. I’m suprised the media doesn’t discuss it.

    The PS4 was more complete at launch. Most of Microsoft’s updates have only been copying social features from the PS4.

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