Leaks Confirm Windows 9 is a Start Menu Lover’s Dream
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Leaks Confirm Windows 9 is a Start Menu Lover’s Dream



New screenshots of what’s purported to be Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 9 operating system are confirming what other leaks, and the company itself have indicated: Windows 9 will be a traditional Windows user’s dream come true.

German publications ComputerBase and WinFuture published what really does appear to be genuine screenshots from the Windows 9 Technical Preview said to be scheduled for a reveal later this month. In those pictures is just about every Windows 9 feature or change that’s been rumored to be on the way.

Windows 9 2

At its BUILD 2014 press conference Microsoft revealed that it had plans for at least some users to ditch the Start Screen and get the Start Menu back. At the time, it showcased a mockup of what it was planning. That early prototype looked like the Start Screen and included access to Windows Store apps and their Live Tiles. When activated that new Start Menu would take over just a small portion of the overall screen, instead of completely dominated a screen like the Start Screen does on all Windows 8 devices today. That Start Menu is present in one of the screenshots that were leaked today. Beside a scrollable list of applications is a section reserved for Live Tiles, though none of them are showcasing anything of value beside each app’s icon.

Windows 9 3

Windows Store apps are shown running in the Windows 9 Desktop interface in these screenshots too. That’s also something Microsoft talked about at its BUILD 2014 event. By adding Windows Store apps to the Desktop, Microsoft is able to boost their profile with mouse and keyboard users too. Today, Windows Store apps can be used with a mouse and keyboard, but they’re generally formatted better for users with touchscreens who are used to the way the Start Screen works.

These alleged Windows 9 screenshots do include some features that Microsoft hasn’t publically talked about. Last month rumors indicated that Microsoft planned to let Windows 9 users create different Desktops to organize all of their apps. That feature is present in these alleged Windows 9 Technical Preview screenshots. By clicking a button just to the right of the Start button, users are able to segregate their personal apps from their professional apps and so forth for piece of mind. How many Desktops users will be able to create remains unclear, but three are shown in the screenshot and there’s an option to add another.

The taskbar at the bottom of the Desktop also includes a search button. The screenshots don’t reveal what they do exactly, but it’s possible that it points to Cortana. Cortana is the digital personal assistant that Microsoft added to Windows Phone earlier this year. In the Windows Phone operating system, she’s accessed by pressing a button that looks identical to the Search button in these screenshots. The pretty barebones notification center that outlets said was also coming in Windows 9 is present in these alleged screenshots too. The company seems to have started work on flattening the Desktop interface to match the design of other parts of its ecosystem too. That should help with the rather jarring design differences that marred the Windows 8 experience for early adopters.

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All told, Windows 9 is shaping up to be a huge update for Windows, one that should at least make the new features that showed up in Windows 8 more palatable for users without a touchscreen. Microsoft is expected to detail what’s in the Windows 9 operating system at an event later this month. At that time, even enthusiasts at home should be able to try the changes out on their own devices. When a final version of Windows 9 goes out to users and how much that update might cost remains unclear.

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Xbox Series X Pre-Order Problems: What You Need To Know



This is what you need to know about the potential Xbox Series X pre-order problems that you may run into this week and even this month.

The Xbox Series X and Series S pre-orders start at 11 AM Eastern, 8 AM Pacific on September 22nd.

Here’s what to know ahead of time, and what you need to prepare to deal with the morning of pre-orders.

Xbox Series X Pre-Order Errors

Prepare for Xbox Series X pre-order problems.

Prepare for several issues with Xbox Series X pre-order problems relating to web pages.

The first issue is that retailers may only show the pre-order landing at first. Another issue is that the search may not show you the consoles. Finally, some websites may not load at all.

If the page isn’t loading, you may be able to load it on your phone. You can also check Twitter for a specific link directly to the product.

If every page is broken at a retailer, the only thing you can do is keep trying.

Xbox Series X Removed from Cart & Checkout Problems

One issue that you may run into fairly early is that the Xbox Series X or Series S can be removed from your cart before you check out.

This happened with the PS5 multiple times for us, and we expect that it will happen with the Series X.

To get ahead of this, you should make sure that you can log in and that you have up to date payment information.

Xbox All Access Problems

Watch out for issues signing up for Xbox All Access.

With Xbox All Access, you can buy the Xbox Series S for $24.99 a month or the Series X for $34.99 a month.

You can find these payment options at Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Microsoft, and GameStop.

If you can’t use Xbox All Access payments, you may not be approved based on your credit. The financing is through Citizens One, and you will likely get a letter about the denial.

You can’t do much about this, so be prepared to make a payment with another option.

Xbox Series X out of Stock

The biggest problem that you will run into is that the Xbox Series X and Series S are out of stock.

This will happen multiple times throughout the day, and you can work around the issues.

Check on Twitter for direct links. Some of these will add the console directly to your cart. This can look questionable, but in the case of the PS5, it allowed us to get the PS5 while others weren’t able to check out.

Xbox Series X Accessories Out of Stock

Don’t worry about finding accessories on the first day. Once you secure your console, then you can go back.

Keep in mind that your Xbox One accessories will work with the Series X and Series S in most cases, so you have time to get new controllers or headphones.

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Xbox Series X Deals: Save with Trade-Ins



You can buy the Xbox Series X for $300 if you trade in an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro. Here are the best Xbox Series X deals and Series S deals when you trade in your old console.

The Xbox Series X pre-orders start on Tuesday, September 22nd at 11 AM Eastern, 8 AM Pacific. Here are some Xbox Series X pre-order tips and tricks to help you get one.

GameStop offers a range of Xbox Series X deals when you trade in an old console. This works for the Xbox Series S as well.

  • $200 – Xbox One X or PS4 Pro
  • $175 – Nintendo Switch or PS4 1TB
  • $125 – Nintendo Switch Lite, Xbox One S, PS4 500GB
  • $100 – Xbox One 500GB

These trade in deals last until November 30th, so you have time to order and then bring your console in when you upgrade.

Save with Xbox Series X deals when you trade-in an old console.

You can start the process online, or you can go into a local GameStop. If you are trying to pre-order the Xbox Series X at GameStop, you can do it in store when the online pre-orders open. Keep in mind that there may be lines.

Given the time frame of this deal, your best bet is to wait until you get your Xbox Series X from GameStop and trade in at pickup and put the $200 towards the console.

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5 Xbox Series X Pre-Order Tips & Tricks



Do you want to make sure that you get an Xbox Series X pre-order? Or the Xbox Series S? We have a collection of tips that will help you avoid pre-order problems and increase the chances that you get a new console on release day.

The Xbox Series S is $299 and the Xbox Series X is $499. Pre-orders start at 11 AM Eastern, 8 AM Pacific on September 22nd.

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Check Account Passwords Now

When the Xbox Series X pre-orders start you need to be ready to go. This is not the time to be resetting a Best Buy or Walmart password or creating an account.

Spend 10 minutes this weekend making sure that you can log in to Microsoft, GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

This can mean the difference between getting a new Xbox on day one and waiting months.

Update Payment Information

While you are logged in make sure that your credit card is up to date and that shipping and billing information is updated.

The time that you spend updating any of this, could be long enough to miss out on getting the Xbox Series X or Series S in November.

Be Ready to Checkout

Now that you can log in and your credit card is up to date, you need to be prepared to checkout as soon as the console is in your cart.

Some links to Amazon may even put the Xbox Series X directly into your cart.

Don’t wonder about tax, warranties, or look for coupon codes. Check out and get a confirmation. The console can disappear from your cart. This is not like a ticket checkout process where you are holding an item for a few minutes.

Use Websites Not Apps

Websites tend to offer a better chance to get a console this year. The PS5 pre-orders worked best on websites, with some apps just showing the landing pages while other people were ordering.

It’s a good idea to have apps available as a backup, but start on the website and be on the lookout for links directly to the products on social media.

You Can Always Cancel Later

If you really want the Xbox Series S, but it is out of stock, you may want to lock in the Xbox Series X pre-order and then decide later.

You can cancel your pre-order pretty easily at most retailers if you find the version that you really want somewhere else.

It is best to lock in pre-order and fine-tune it later.

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How to Pre-Order the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S



This is how to pre-order the new Xbox in 2020. On September 22nd you can pre-order the Xbox Series X for release day delivery, or at least for delivery as soon as possible. You will want to plan on pre-ordering the new Xbox if you want one in your hands anytime soon.

The Xbox Series X Pre-Orders start at 11 AM Eastern, 8 AM Pacific on September 22nd. The Xbox Series S pre-orders start at the same time.

The Xbox Series X is $499 and the Xbox Series S is $299. You can pre-order these at Microsoft, GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers. If you buy from Microsoft you can even get a payment plan as low as $24.99 a month.

The Xbox Series X release date is November 10th, and it is the same for both models. Here is how to pre-order if you want a new Xbox this fall. These links work for both models.

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Here is a look at where you can pre-order the Xbox Series X and Series S. The pre-orders start later this month and we are still waiting to find the exact time that pre-orders start. Right now most of the retailers have a landing page, and some will allow you to get an email notification when more info is available.

Microsoft Xbox Series X Pre-Order Details

How to pre-order the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Head over to Microsoft to sign up and get notified when Xbox Series X and Series S pre-orders go live. You can also check out information about the consoles and you can learn more about the payment plan options through Xbox All Access.

Amazon Xbox Series X Pre-Order Details

Amazon offers a landing page for the Xbox Series X, and soon we expect to see one for the Series S. This page lets you see more about the console and sign up for notifications by email.

GameStop Xbox Series X Pre-Order Details

GameStop offers a landing page, where you can sign up for information. You can also expect this page to turn into a sales page closer to the start of pre-orders.

Best Buy Xbox Series X Pre-Order Details

The Best Buy Xbox Series X pre-order page lets yo using up for more information and when the pre-orders start you will be able to buy the console directly on this link.

Read: Should I Pre-Order the Xbox Series X?

Target Xbox Series X Pre-Order Details

Save the Target landing page to pre-order the Xbox Series X online when the pre-orders start on September 22nd.

Walmart Xbox Series X Pre-Order Details

Walmart allows you to sing up for a notification when pre-orders start, and to check out more information about the console.

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How to Get the Xbox Series X Early



How to get a Xbox Series X early.

Do you want a chance to get an Xbox Series X early? If so you should grab your phone and prepare to eat a taco or two. Taco Bell is teaming up with Microsoft to give away a new Xbox Series X every fifteen minutes during the contest and with the Taco Bell app, you can get access to daily Xbox Series X giveaways before the pre-orders even start.

Starting on September 24th when you buy a medium or large soft drink at Taco Bell, you get a code that you can use to enter for a chance to win an Xbox Series X bundle that includes the console, a new controller, and six months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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If you want early access, you can download the Taco Bell app and sign up for the Taco Bell Rewards Beta program by the end of the day on September 13th to get early access to drawings that run from September 15 through September 21st.

When you join the program you get rewards when you buy things at Taco Bell, but with this promotion, you also get access to chances to get an Xbox Series X before they go on sale. It’s not clear if winners get their Xbox Series X ahead of the November release date, but it is a chance to lock in a new console for free and ahead of pre-orders.

When you sign up for the Taco Bell Rewards Beta program you get a free taco and chances to win. The app allows you to get a code when you buy a combo, a large freeze or when you purchase two combos. You can also get a code via mail or you can use these three codes to enter every day. Here are the free Xbox Series X Taco Bell entry codes;

  • SX7V936NBPP9
  • SX7YR97XYV96

To enter with these codes you need to text 72823 during the contest period. The contest starts on September 24th at 12:01 AM Pacific.

If you don’t win, you get a Fire Drill Code that you can use within 24 hours as a second chance.

Taco Bell will give away up to 4,032 Xbox Series X Bundles through the main giveaway and 20 through Fire Drill second chance.

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