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Leaks Point to iPhone-like Look for Windows 10 for Phones



Just as Microsoft is beginning to talk about a new version of the Windows 10 for Phones preview, new leaks indicate that the color palatte of the coming operating system upgrade looks very similar to another: the iPhone’s iOS.

Huge Windows 10 for Phones leaks surfaced this week at Windows Mania, mere hours after Microsoft confirmed it had another version of Windows 10 for Phones coming to members of the Windows Insider Program on Friday, March 10th. Windows 10 for Phones is the second part of Microsoft’s mobile operating system offerings, it’ll run on smartphones and small tablets.

windows 10 for phones

If there’s a single take way from these Windows 10 for Phones leaks it’s that the somewhat dreary interface that used white text on black backgrounds is getting a huge upgrade. The Settings app and Mail experience included in Windows 10 for Phones is set to white by default.

Leaks Point to iPhone-like Look for Windows 10 for Phones (4)

This makes sense as Microsoft’s teams have confirmed they are working on both dark and white versions of their apps for inclusion in the final version of Windows 10. Presumably, Windows 10 for Phones users will have the same color options. Windows 10 for Phones continues to get a lot of use out of a user’s accent color. In these screenshots that accent color defines what highlighted text and the background on the Task View. The accent colors do lend the operating system a bit more personality than iOS on the iPhone.

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It doesn’t appear as Microsoft has introduced a lot of different changes for the Task View. It still organizes what apps are open in a rectangle in small cards. Users can tap an app in the list to open it or close the app altogether.

Back at its January Windows 10 Media Briefing Microsoft confirmed that its new Outlook Mail client would bring over formatting and other options that were previously reserved for Word apps. In these leaked Windows 10 for Phones screenshots we see someone preparing an email with the new app and composition engine. For example, creating tables and then changing the way they are shown is possible in the new Outlook Mail app included with Windows 10 for Phones.

Leaks Point to iPhone-like Look for Windows 10 for Phones (1)

Windows 10 for Phones keyboard can be completely detached from the bottom of the screen, allowing it to float overtop most apps. Microsoft already showed off the keyboards new digital cursor for editing text quickly. It’s the teal dot in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Leaks Point to iPhone-like Look for Windows 10 for Phones (3)

Microsoft’s Gabe Aul confirmed that aforementioned release date for the next Windows 10 for Phones preview in a post on Twitter late yesterday. According to Aul, Microsoft plans to release the upgrade to testers at 10AM Pacific Time. A large swath of devices already running Windows Phone 8.1 will have the opportunity to install the early software update. He did confirm that the Nokia Lumia Icon and Lumia 930 won’t get the update this week because of technical work that still needs to be done.

Microsoft is hoping that a fresh crisp look and tons of new features will finally give it the edge on the iPhone and devices running Google’s Android operating system. For example, Microsoft already confirmed that the operating system will support USB accessories for the first time. A unified Windows Store will link the two versions of Windows 10 together. Windows apps downloaded for one will work on the other seamlessly.

Windows 10 is due for launch later this summer as a free update for those with a compatible device running Windows 8 and Windows 7. Likewise, Windows 10 for Phones is coming for free to compatible smartphones running Windows Phone 8.1.

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1 Comment

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