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Learn More About Mind Mapping on a Tablet PC



Mindmappingsw2_2Do you mind map already? Is mind mapping a concept that you are interested in? It was for me, before I took the plunge and really explored it on my Tablet PC. This book may be a good guide for you to explore. Chuck Frey has written Mind Mapping Software: How to Select the Perfect Program for Your Needs. The e-book is designed to take the mystery out of what software you should purchase on your way to mind mapping nirvana. Here’s a list that of what’s covered.

  • An illustrated glossary of mind mapping software terms
  • Tips on how to select the right program to meet your needs
  • Interviews with experts in mind mapping software
  • Answers to your frequently asked questions
  • Mini-reviews of 15 popular mind mapping software programs
  • A comprehensive list of mind mapping resources
  • And more!

And if you’re looking for more on mind mapping and a Tablet PC check out this interview with Eric Mack on mind mapping and a Tablet PC.

Hat tip to jkOnTheRun

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