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Leef iBridge Delivers 256GB of Storage to Your iPhone



One of the first decisions any iPhone buyer will face is deciding which storage configuration to buy before singing a 2-year contract and getting a new iPhone 6. That said, there are plenty of options to expand that storage, and here at CES 2015 the Leef iBridge is delivering up to 256GB of additional storage for your iPhone, but at a price.

We’ve seen small portable flash drives in all shapes and sizes, including ones that work for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. However, the Leef iBridge is an interesting gadget that may capture a few users attention.

This isn’t just a portable flash drive. It is a sleek storage device with a lightning connector at one end for your iDevice, and a USB 3.0 port on the other to transfer pictures, video and more — up to 256 GB of storage — to your iPhone. Then it nearly curves around your device in order to stay out of the way during usage. Read on for more details and pricing.

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The Leef iBridge, being displayed and shown off for the first time live at CES 2015 here in Las Vegas, essentially delivers anywhere from 16GB to 256GB of additional storage to your iPhone. However, those storage configurations come at a price.

This week Sandisk announced a similar device for Android users, the Ultra Dual USB 3.0 Drive with a micro-USB port Android users can enjoy, and it comes in at $22 for the 16GB model and $64 for the 64GB option. While those prices are fair, the Leef iBridge isn’t quite as wallet-friendly. Those seeking to add extra storage to their iPhone will need to pay a lot more than that.

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The Leef iBridge packs more storage options than any iOS compatible device we’ve seen lately, going all the way up to 256GB of storage, but that comes at a ridiculous price tag of $399. However, for those who don’t need quite so much storage, you can start at 16GB for $60, and increase to 32GB for $80, or even 128GB at a somewhat reasonable $200.

Leef has a neat companion app that you’ll be able to download from the App Store that is required for user to transfer data from the iBridge to their iOS device, and it had a pretty decent interface. One you get an iBridge simply transfer any file type you’d like from a PC or Mac, plug it into your iPhone or iPad, and the iBridge app does all the work. It even allows you to shoot photos or video right to the device, handy for those iPhone 6 owners shooting plenty of slow-mo videos.

Get one starting in mid-January from or from Amazon.

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