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Lenovo Announces Fix for X61 Tablet PC Bezel Woes



If you are one of the folks who has experienced issues with your Lenovo X61 Tablet PC’s bezel separating from the screen, Lenovo has recently announced a fix.

We have released a fix in the form of a revised bezel, with thicker adhesive tape designed to compensate for the somewhat thinner SXGA+ display.  These parts are now in stock, and are being applied through normal service routes.  Additional information including service part numbers may be found here.

Customers who have an X61t system with a separating bezel should seek service at this time through all normal channels including depot, onsite, or through business partners depending upon the warranty terms available for their system. 

The blog post announcing the fix mentions the issue being discussed in the GBM Forums and thanks users there (and elsewhere) for providing info that led to the solution.

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