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Lenovo CES 2012 Roundup

During CES 2012 Lenovo announced a number of products for consumers and business users. While some of these interesting devices won’t make it to the States, the most exciting products will arrive by the middle of the year.

The Consumer Electronics Show is a place for companies to show off their best products for the year, and Lenovo came packing with exciting products like the IdeaPad Yoga, an Ultrabook that turns into a tablet, and an Ice Cream Sandwich powered HDTV.

You can’t buy these products just yet, but most of these tablets and notebooks have release dates and prices so you can start saving today.

Lenovo sponsored our trip to CES 2012, allowing us to bring the big show in consumer electronics to you quickly and first hand, including giveaways for our readers. Enter to win a ThinkPad X220 at GottaBeMobile and an IdeaPad U400 at Stay tuned for details on how to enter for your chance to win one of two ThinkPad tablets.

Lenovo CES 2012 Tablets and Mobile

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga – Convertible Tablet

The IdeaPad Yoga took home our best of show award at CES 2012 thanks to the innovative way that the Ultrabook can become a tablet. A dual hinge allows the screen to fold completely around the device and become a Windows 8 slate. With a retail price of $999, the IdeaPad Yoga will arrive as soon as Windows 8 is ready for your hands. In our opinion, it can’t happen soon enough.

Read more about the IdeaPad Yoga.

Lenovo IdeaTab S2110

Lenovo’s new IdeaTab is a 10 inch Android 4.0 tablet with a clean and simple user interface designed to make Android Ice Cream Sandwich more user-friendly. The 10 inch tab has a 5MP camera on the rear and a 1.3MP webcam on the front. The IdeaTab S2110 comes with a snap in keyboard dock that doubles the battery life similar to the Transformer Prime. No pricing is available yet.

Read more about the IdeaTab S2110.

Lenovo IdeaTab K2110 – Intel Powered Android Tablet

The IdeaTab K2110 may look like the consumer ready IdeaTab S2110, but this Android tablet has an interesting secret inside. The IdeaTab K2110 uses an Intel Medfield processor. This is big news because it marks the arrival of Intel on the Android tablet marketspace, and according to sources could translate into better battery life for Android tablets.

Read more about the IdeaTab K2110.

Lenovo K91 – Ice Cream Sandwich HDTV

The Lenovo K91 is not coming to the U.S. anytime soon, but the idea of Android 4.0 on an HDTV is pretty tempting. Check out what this Smart TV can do, then wish it was coming to your living room.

Doppler on Wheels

Lenovo didn’t announce your own personal weather station at CES 2012, but they did bring in a massively awesome truck that doubles as a Doppler station on wheels. Inside the DOW truck you’ll find a full complement of Lenovo products that help this highly mobile team track anything from hurricanes and snowstorms to tornadoes — all while calculating massive amounts of data to help save lives.

Read more about the Doppler on Wheels.

Lenovo Notebooks Announced at CES 2012 

IdeaPad Z Series

The IdeaPad Z Series of notebooks is aimed at consumers who want to both create and enjoy multimedia content. With enough power to fuel your creative side and several nice features like OneKey Theater mode and Dolby Home Theater sound, the IdeaPad Z Series is a tempting consumer notebook.

Read more about the IdeaPad Z Series.

IdeaPad U Series

Lenovo has improved on the IdeaPad U series notebooks of years past and brought us two new models. The IdeaPad U310 and U410 are new Ultrabooks from Lenovo which include standard hard drive options to deliver sleek looking notebooks at the upper edge of mainstream pricing.

Read more about the IdeaPad U Series.

IdeaPad S Series

Lenovo won’t call this a netbook, but if you are looking for an affordable small notebook, this “mini-notebook” from Lenovo might fit the bill. At $349 it is attractively priced, even if it only has a 2-cell battery.

Read more about the IdeaPad S Series.

IdeaPad Y Series

IdeaPad Y480

IdeaPad Y480

The IdeaPad Y series includes 14 inch and 15.6 inch models with up to an Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive option. If you need power, add the optional GeForce GT 650M graphics solution.

Read more about the IdeaPad Y Series.

ThinkPad Edge S430

Lenovo announced a collection of new ThinkPad Edge notebooks at CES and during the weeks running up to the show, but the ThinkPad Edge S430 caught my attention thanks to the inclusion of a Thunderbolt port for high-speed storage and high-resolution display connectivity.

Read more about the ThinkPad Edge S430.

ThinkPad X1 Hybrid

Lenovo showed off a new version of the ThinkPad X1 notebook we liked so much last year. This time around, the big difference is that the notebook can boot into an Android based operating system dubbed – Instant Media Mode. This allows you to watch videos and listen to music longer than on the standard Windows operating system.

Read more about the ThinkPad X1 Hybrid.

ThinkPad T430u

Lenovo showed off the ThinkPad Ultrabook, specifically the ThinkPad T430u at CES 2012. This model brings many of our favorite ThinkPad  features to a portable ThinkPad tough machine. There’s no docking connector, but you can connect to a USB 3.0 dock when you are in your office.

Read more about the ThinkPad T430u.

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