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Lenovo Debuts Miix 2, Yoga 2, Ushering New Area of 2-In-1s



Users looking for a 2-in-1 without having to compromise on display size have two new options to choose from.  After embracing lower-priced convertibles with its Miix 2 and Yoga 2 devices last year, Lenovo has announced slight refreshes to each device that include larger displays and more.

The first of the two updated devices announced at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show is the Lenovo Miix 2. Arriving this March, the Miix 2’s line up now includes two other screen sizes for users who weren’t comfortable with the original device’s 8-inch display. Soon, users will have the choice of a 10-inch and 11-inch Miix 2 that also supports a stand mode and a laptop mode thanks to a new “full-size” keyboard dock.

The Lenovo Miix 2 with Keyboard

The Lenovo Miix 2 with Keyboard

Thankfully, Lenovo isn’t just increasing the Miix 2’s display size, it’s also increased the display’s resolution to 1920 x 1200.


The Mixx 2 also features a 2 megapixel front-facing camera and a 5 megapixel rear facing camera for users who’d rather take pictures with their tablet and instead of having to transfer pictures from their smartphone.

Lenovo Miix 2 Hands On Video

Lenovo says that the 10-inch Miix 2 is optimized for extreme mobilility. In keeping with that theme the device includes an Intel Atom Processor. As such, users will be able to load their favorite desktop and applications in Windows 8.1. By comparison, the 11-inch Miix 2 is designed to be a full laptop and desktop replacement. Because of this, the device includes an Intel Core i5 processor


Both tablets include a mini HDMI port, an SD card reader and microSD card slot. The keyboard dock also features USB 2.0 support for connecting to iPhones, printers and more. The 10-inch Miix 2 will go on sale in March for $699.


The 11-inch Miix 2 will go on sale this April for $699. That pricing does include each tablet’s detachable keyboard.

Lenovo Yoga 2

Lenovo Yoga 2

The Yoga 2’s updates are just as low-key and useful as the Miix 2. Lenovo will begin shipping a 13-inch Yoga 2 to Best Buy in February. Their users will be able to purchase the device for $999. A Yoga 2 with an 11-inch display will join the company’s lineup at Best Buy this January for $529. Though the Yoga 2 11 isn’t any slouch, it’s Intel Pentium processor and 500GB hard drive indicate that users looking for a high-end experience will want to hold out for the Yoga 2 13. That device includes a full high-definition display with the option for users to replace the base model’s 500GB hard drive with a faster solid state hard drive. Users will have their choice of Intel’s Core i5 processors. These processors completely out-class those of the Intel Pentium family.

Lenovo Yoga 2 Hands On Video

Users can fold the Yoga 2’s display backwards so they can use the device like a traditional tablet.


All told, these device upgrades indicate that Lenovo’s decision to bet on convertibles must be paying off in some way.


That’s great news since the company bet big on 2-in-1s and convertibles following the launch of Windows 8.


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