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Lenovo / Dell Shootout: X200 Tablet PC vs Latitude XT Tablet PC – Power Adapters



Power adapters are one of those things that mobile workers get very picky about. The size of the power brick means a great deal when packing a gear bag. Fortunately, both the Lenovo X200 and the Dell Latitude XT both have pretty small adapters and should appeal to the gear-packing folk among us. In addition to their small size, both adapters feature wrap straps to help keep the cords neat and tidy. Both adapters are exactly the same length in cord size. All of that said, I do have to give it up to Dell for their 45 watt slim-line adapter — that is one sweet and thin adapter.

x200 latitue xt power adapter 022

XT adapter foreground, X200 background

x200 latitue xt power adapter 023

XT adapter foreground, X200 background

Here is a comparison with the Lenovo slim adapter, which is certainly thin, but not small by any means. The slim adapter is also not included as the standard power adapter in the X200.

x200 ultraslim 018

XT, Lenovo Slim adapter, and Lenovo standard adapter side by side

x200 ultraslim 026

Lenovo standard and slim compared

x200 ultraslim 028

Dell XT and Lenovo slim compared

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1 Comment

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