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Lenovo External Hard Drive Displays Remaining Capacity Via Touch



We’ve seen capacity LED indicators on notebook batteries, we’ve seen rudimentary indicators on hard drives, but this is definitely a nice little bonus for users looking at a fast and easy way to check the capacity of their external hard drives. Lenovo released its newest external hard drive concept featuring a touch-sensitive display showing how much space is left on the hard drive. The hard drive’s ability of not having to be plugged in to check space is perhaps superfluous and unnecessary, but it’s still pretty cool. With a swipe of the finger over the sensor brings the display to life. Maybe they can integrate 128-bit or 256-bit security into the finger swiper similar to a fingerprint scanner so you can access the drive and see the remaining capacity in the near future, which would make this hard drive something to seriously consider. As of now, it’s just a cool gimmick that sets this external HD apart from the crowd. What would you want to see integrated into the finger scanner?


Via Design Launches

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