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Lenovo firmly behind Tablet PC, what about Acer?



In an article about Lenovo questioning the corporate adoption of Vista, there was this interesting little blurb regarding Lenovo and their stead-fastness behind Tablet PCs. What is really interesting is the comment about Acer. The author says more information regarding Acer and Tablet PCs is coming in the next issue of IT Pro:

The only good news for Microsoft is that, unlike Acer (see the next issue of PC Pro, on sale November 16), Lenovo is still firmly behind the Tablet PC concept. Godin claimed that enterprise clients were actively asking for Tablet PCs as part of its ThinkPad range. “They view this as a strong factor in their decision to buy Lenovo laptops,” he said.

When we asked if the Tablet PC market was even big enough to be concerned about, he added: “It’s a small market but it’s very fast growing. Large customers want [Tablet PCs] so they can have a complete range of notebooks for their business.”

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