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Lenovo IdeaPad U110 Up Close and Personal



I was able to steal the Lenovo IdeaPad U110 from my wife long enough to get these up close shots, as well as comparison shots to the Lenovo X300. Having handled them both and typed on each one, my preference would lean toward the X300, although I’m not the target market for the U110 – my wife and kids are.  I can tell you that I would absolutely love to see a Tablet PC version of the U110 without the glossy effect, though. I don’t think I’ve ever held a notebook as light as the U110 before. It is awesome to hold, and my mind is going crazy thinking about the possibilities of a U110 Tablet. I absolutely love the bright red finish, and touch of class that the etching adds to the overall design of the U110. It has class written all over it.

It goes without saying that the U110 is a fingerprint magnet. From the screen to the mouse buttons, everything is glossy. The glare on the screen is going to be a bit bothersome, too. Personally, I think the gloss on this machine is overkill.

Taking pictures of the U110 is quite challenging due to the gloss, so I apologize in advance for the reflections. Click on each one for a higher res image.

Sorry – no Experience Index comparison between the two. The X300 has XP Pro installed.


u110 001
Size comparison between the X300 and the U110
u110 002
Another front shot size comparison between the X300 and the U110
u110 003
Side size comparison between the X300 and the U110
u110 004
Height comparison between X300 and U110
u110 008
The full frontal shot of the U110 – the glossy finish of the entire front is hard to miss
u110 009
Inside shot size comparison
u110 010
Closer shot comparing keys
u110 012
Back finish. It has a very nice rubberized feel on the back. The etching from the front carries through to the back
u110 013
Side shot of the keyboard, wrist pad, and touch panel. Everything on the inside of the U110 is high-gloss. 
u110 014
Side shot of the screen, with the X300 behind the U110. The screen is flush with the casing
u110 027
Trackpad and buttons. The buttons are flush with the casing
u110 020
7-cell battery – provides a nice rubberized grip . It also gives a nice angle for keyboarding
u110 022
4-cell battery – sits flush with the back casing.
u110 023
Side view with the 4-cell in
u110 024
Side view with the Express Card slot, 6-in-1 card reader, headphone / mic, 1394, USB, Ethernet, and Kensington lock slot
u110 025
Side view with power, VGA, 2 USB ports, and wireless on / off switch
u110 016
Veriface – notice the circles around my eyes as it tries to detect me. This is very cool. I find it difficult to click the logon button underneath the Veriface window to bypass facial recognition, though.
u110 029
Lenovo’s very small AC adapter. It is good to see them moving away from their bulky AC adapter.
u110 030
Front of the AC adapter
u110 031
Lenovo’s U110 adapter compared to Dell’s Latitude XT adapter
u110 032
Another comparison between the U110 adapter and the XT adapter
u110 035
Side view between the U110 adapter and the XT adapter


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