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Lenovo on their supply problems and the X60 Tablet PC



In an article addressing IPS displays, Lenovo’s Matt Kohut breaks the silence regarding their general problems with supply. Matt writes, “We make great products, but getting them to market has been our biggest problem.  The X60 Tablet supply thread has been this blog’s most popular thread — and not for good reason. “ A quick read in the Lenovo forum will certainly backup that statement from a consumer standpoint, so it is good to finally hear those words coming out of Lenovo. Strictly speaking from a Tablet PC perspective, this has been a thorn in Lenovo’s side since introducing the X41 several years ago and it has done nothing but hurt their reputation.

In addition, Matt lets us know how they are beginning to address the problem, and also telling us that machine type models are soon going away: “As a final note, we’re also working VERY hard to improve supply in general.  I could tell you that we’re consolidating 43 separate systems into one SAP system, moving away from machine type-models into true configure to order, and in parallel running a thousand other supply-related projects.  But as a customer you don’t care about our problems.  You just want your order to show up when promised.  I don’t blame you.  I feel the same way. “

As a side note, Matt passes along some good news for future products: they are looking at LED technology, which is always a good thing for mobile users – better battery life and brighter displays. Bring it on, Matt!

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