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Lenovo ThinkPad Stack Picks Up Charger & Projector



The Lenovo ThinkPad Stack has always been for mobile professionals who find themselves in different locations and in need of some light and durable accessories. For CES 2016, Lenovo didn’t go back and rethink the entire Lenovo ThinkPad Stack concept. Instead, it’s added two new components to the Lenovo Stack family that should be on the wish list of every mobile professional.

Lenovo revealed what it’s calling the Lenovo ThinkPad Stack 2 Charging Mat and Lenovo ThinkPad Stack 2 Mobile Projector this week at the Consumer Electronics Show. The two new accessories join an already extensive list of Stack add-ons. The company revealed a router, external battery, hard drive and Bluetooth speaker at last year’s show. Gotta Be Mobile reviewed the first generation Stack family recently.


The Lenovo ThinkPad Stack 2 Charging Mat as a 6mm wafer thin slice that easily fits in a bag and blends in on a desktop. A single Micro USB port and power adapter supply the power that the ThinkPad Stack 2 Charging Mat then passes on to smartphones and tablets that have wireless charging technology included. Any smartphone that’s based on the Qi wireless charging standard supports the device – even if it’s not made by Lenovo. Wireless charging is perfect for users who prefer to skip Lightning Cables and MicroUSB plugs.

The ThinkPad Stack 2 Charging Mat sits on top of the other members of the Stack family. It can be paired with the Stack Power Bank to act as a completely mobile charger on the go.

The Lenovo ThinkPad Stack 2 Mobile Projector can use the Power Bank to go mobile too. Built inside it is support for Miracast streaming from a mobile device or Windows 10 and a front-facing 720P resolution projector lens. Some will never need to connect their computer to the device using it’s audio jack or full-size HDMI port.


That’s because the ThinkPad Stack 2 Mobile Projector is also an Android 5.1 device quipped with an Intel Atom processor and 16GB of storage. Effectively, the device is an ultra-mobile desktop PC complete with a single full-size USB Port. That it can be used on its own makes up for the slightly disappointing 150 Lumens projector that will have a have a hard time being used near un-curtained windows. The Mobile Projector lasts 90 minutes. Add the Power Bank and it’ll last over three hours.

The ThinkPad Stack 2 Mobile Projector launches this April for $499. The ThinkPad Stack 2 Charging Mat is also coming in April. It’ll cost $49, which is in line with other wireless chargers cost.

An earlier version of this article indicated that the ThinkPad Stack 2 Mobile Projector is $399. Its sale price is $499.

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