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Lenovo Thinkpad X61 Tablet PC Benchmarks



I know a number of folks have been waiting for this so here it is. Dennis and I both ran the CrystalMark Benchmark tests on Thinkpad X61 Tablet PCs we are evaluating. The X61 I’m evaluating comes with the Intel Turbo Memory option. Dennis’ unit does not but contains the WWAN option. Note this is an either/or option when you are configuring becasue their is one card slot that can handle either the WWAN or the Intel Turbo Memory. Here are the benchmarks. (Click on thumbnails for a larger view.)

The X61 with WWAN configured.


The X61 with Intel Turbo memory configured.


And for comparison’s sake, here is the same CrystalMark tests run on Dennis’ X60



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