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Lenovo to start shipping X60 SXGA+ Tablet PC next week



Well, great news for those who have been waiting since November for their Lenovo X60 SXGA+ Tablet PC to ship.

Tim Supples, who writes on the Lenovo Blog, had this to say on the company blog today regarding the delayed Tablet PC shippments:

Oliver, Steve and our other readers on here, you’re asking all the right questions. I’m glad you took the time to post here and let me know what is happening.

I understand you all are getting anxious for news on the SXGA+ tablets and I’m here to report some good news. We have started to fulfill SXGA+ tablet orders and most orders placed in November will be fulfilled next week. The rest of the SXGA+ tablet orders will be fulfilled by February 8th. People who have CTO (configure to order) machines, please keep in mind that other components in the CTO may affect your ship date.

I apologize for the silence these last few days, but with the rapidly changing picture in the last 48 hours, I wanted to wait until I could share something solid. I’m sorry for the delays surrounding these orders and thank you for your loyalty to Lenovo.

For those interested, there is a 30 page thread going on at GBM where folks have been discussing this delay issue, watching their Estimated Shipping Date frequently change, often times on the day before or the day their tablet was supposed to ship.

Thanks to GBM reader Kay for the info.

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