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Lenovo U110 Eval Arrives – My Wife Loves It!



u110 015I spent the weekend camping with my son’s Boy Scout troop. I was hoping to come home to find a Lenovo box in my living room, and I was not disappointed.

After getting a shower, I opened up the box to find a bright red IdeaPad U110.  As I took it out of the box, I was shocked at how light it was. I mean, really, really light. I didn’t have it in my hands for more than 1 minute before my wife, Kathi, made a bee-line to see what I was holding. She took it in her hands and said “Now that is a snazzy looking notebook.” She then asked me how long I got to keep it as an eval. Her eyes said it all: “I want to use that”.

Some quick thoughts:

  • Like I said, the U110 is feather light.
  • It is very glossy – from the keypads to the screen. There is a very high gloss factor on this computer, and will be a huge fingerprint magnet. I think this will bother me a lot, especially with the keyboard being glossy. Time will tell what my wife thinks, though.
  • The screen is ultra-thin. and the finish really makes it a nice stylish computer
  • The resolution ( 1366 x 768 ) is very crisp
  • The mouse buttons will take a little getting to use to as they sit right on the edge of the casing
  • My wife, though, loves the keyboard and mouse / mouse buttons. She took right to them and even mentioned how easy they were to type on
  • She mentioned on several occassions about how light the U110 was, and that was with the 7-cell battery in.
  • The AC adapter is remarkably different from other Lenovo notebooks. It is small and light, and very similar in size to the Dell Latitude XT 45 watt adapter
  • The included case is nice, but I don’t think my wife will be using it. I think she’ll end up wanting something a little more stylish to go with the U110
  • Experience index:
    • Processor (Core 2 Duo 1.6 ghz ): 4.7
    • RAM ( 2 GB ): 4.8
    • Graphics: 3.5
    • Gaming graphics: 3.5
    • Primary Harddisk ( 120 gb 4200 rpm ): 4.1
    • Overall: 3.5
  • Running processes out of the box: 67

I honestly think this U110 will be getting eval’d by my wife, so I think I’ll have some interesting things to share. Stay tuned for more on this new offering from Lenovo!


u110 019









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