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Lenovo X200 Tablet PC vs Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC: Docking Stations



x200dockthumb The docking stations on the Lenovo X200 Tablet PC and the Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC could not be more different.

Here are a few notes, but they are best understood by looking at the comparison shots:

  • X200 dock supports VGA and a Display Port, where as the Latitude XT dock supports VGA and DVI
  • X200 dock can charge the extended battery, as well as an additional battery. The Latitude XT dock cannot charge the battery slice and has no support for charging external batteries.
  • X200 dock has an external power button to power-up / power-down the X200 without flipping open the screen. The Latitude XT does not have an external power button, so the Latitude XT screen has to be flipped up in order to access the power button
  • X200 dock is noticeably thicker than the Latitude XT dock.
  • X200 dock ports: 4 USB, Headphone, Mic, Ethernet, UltraBay for CD / DVD, Display port. Latitude XT dock ports: 4 USB, 1 1394 Firewire, VGA, DVI, Serial, Headphone / Mic, CD / DVD
  • X200 dock sports a key lock, as well as a Kensington security lock hole. Latitude XT dock only has a Kensington security lock hole.

The Lenovo X200 dock has the upper hand for my needs and is a much more flexible docking solution.

Click the pictures to view higher res shots.

X200 dock on bottom, XT dock on top. Notice power and lock switch on the X200 dock, as well as air flow for the speakers
X200 dock on bottom, XT dock on top.
X200 dock on bottom, XT dock on top. The pull handle on the XT dock is on the upper right, while the pull handle on the X200 dock is on the lower left side of the dock. CD DVD bay is on the right side of the X200 dock, while the CD DVD bay is on the left side of the dock on the Latitude XT. 
X200 dock on bottom, XT dock on top. Notice the external battery charger on the X200 on the left hand side. Dock eject latch is on the right.
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