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Lenovo X60 Core 2 Duo Tablet PC is available ( again ! )



Cue up “Groundhog Day”.

It looks like Lenovo has finally decided to make Core 2 Duo an official option for the X60 Tablet PC.

As everyone might remember, on April 3, we broke the news ( thanks to one of our forum members ), that Lenovo was offering the 1.5ghz Core 2 Duo  processor option for the X60. The internets got all excited based on what we were reporting and the world seemed to be spinning wonderfully. Well, several hours after reporting this story, we heard from Lenovo that it was in fact a mistake on their website and that they would be taking the option down. So, we posted another report that Lenovo had made an error on their website and it wasn’t too long after that they took the option down.

Well, wouldn’t you know it. Last week, the Core 2 Duo option made another glamorous appearance on the Lenovo website, but this time for real. According to Lenovo, the demand and excitement generated by the mistake was enough for them to make it a permanent option.

So, for $75 more, you can now get a 1.5 ghz Core 2 Duo X60 Tablet PC instead of the 1.66 ghz Core Duo. Rumor has it, though, that Lenovo isn’t too far from announcing their Santa Rosa X60. No dates or anything yet. Stay tuned.

Thanks to all of our forum members and news tippers that have helped bring this to light.


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