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Lenovo x61 Tablet PC User Review



3091 Nice review from a soon to be college student over at Tablet PC Reviews!  You hear a lot about the x61 here at the GBM camp, so it’s a great opportunity to see things from a different perspective.  Too bad about the surgery that had to happen so soon on the unit to get the rice out of it (you’ll have to read to understand!  I have to say that from a user perspective, it’s great how the reviewer tells you the pros, cons, problems and thoughts throughout the whole review.They even ran some benchmarks as well!

I do have to add though, that I have never had any problems ejecting from the dock, like he mentions in the review, it’s always been clean and simple for me.  I always just pull the latch and lift up on the battery – no problems at all.  Are there others that have problems with the UltraDock??

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