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Lenovo/HP Tablet PC Shootout: Side by Side



Here are some pictures of the HP 2730p Tablet PC and the Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet PC. You’ll see the size differences as well as the different layout of the keys. I’m still trying to figure out how to give you the best representations of the screen and viewing angles with the equipment I have. That said, both have very good good viewing angles in my opinion. In the photos below, both Tablet PCs have the screen brightness turned all the way to full on battery power, which as I’m sure some know is not the brightest setting if you are on AC power.

shootout 058

shootout 001 shootout 002
shootout 003 shootout 004
shootout 005 shootout 006
shootout 007 shootout 008
shootout 010 shootout 011
shootout 012 shootout 013
shootout 015 shootout 016
shootout 017 shootout 018
shootout 019 shootout 023
shootout 026 shootout 030
shootout 034 shootout 035
shootout 040 shootout 041
shootout 043 shootout 045
shootout 049 shootout 052
shootout 054 shootout 055
shootout 060 shootout 064
shootout 065 shootout 069

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