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Lenovo/HP Tablet PC Shootout: Testing Webcams in Slate Mode



Some have asked if the webcams will work in slate mode on both the Lenovo X200 and the HP2730p Tablet PCs. Yes they do, but with some differences. In the embedded videos below you’ll see the evidence. The Lenovo is easier to position and get an image. I do notice that there was more of a lag in the recording on the HP. At least it appears that way here. Both were recorded in portrait mode, and yes they do work in landscape mode.

Not necessarily webcam related, but note that on the HP if you’re on battery power you can only switch the screen orientation to Primary portrait and Primary Landscape. Secondary modes are unavailable, unless you are on AC power. All four orientations are available on the Lenovo ThinkPad X200 regardless of battery or AC usage.

Lenovo X200 Tablet PC webcam test slate mode

HP 2730p webcam test slate mode



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