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Lenovo’s U1 Hybrid Offers Slate Goodness and HP TC1100 Memories



lenovohybridu1Tablet PC fans sort of new we’d see the hybrid form factor return, especially since we’ve seen concepts from all sorts of places that feature a detachable screen from a dock or base. But this isn’t just a hybrid form factor via the HP TC1000 series of days gone by. This packs two different machines into the hybrid form factor. Well, Lenovo continues to excite with its mobile hardware announcements, this time with the U1 Hybrid/ULV Notebook.

It is a 11.6 inch form factor running a Snapdragon ARM CPU and a Skylight Linux OS when in slate mode. Supposedly you get 8 hours of battery life in slate mode. You also have 16GB of Flash memory.

But when you dock it, you pick up the power of a Core 2 Duo U4100 chipset running Windows 7. It comes with a 128GB SSD, 4GB of RAM and the usual roundup of specs. You also see battery life decrease a bit to 6 hours. Tradeoffs, tradeoffs.

It is an interesting looking device that I hope the gang in Vegas picks up some quality time with. All in all this will set you back $1000 and you’ll have to wait until June for it to be released.

Via PCMag



  1. Michael

    01/05/2010 at 4:03 pm

    But can it be used in tablet mode?

  2. Rob

    01/06/2010 at 12:38 pm

    Can you expect Lenovo to announce the successor of X200 Tablet at CES 2010?

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