The Witcher 3 Tips to Level Up Faster
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The Witcher 3 Tips to Level Up Faster



Are you sick of losing fights in The Witcher 3? You need to use these The Witcher 3 tips to level up faster. This increases your skill, unlocks new weapon options and prepares you to fight bigger and badder enemies. We’ll walk through the best The Witcher 3 tips to help you gan experience and become a better player.

You don’t need any The Witcher 3 cheats to level up faster, which is good news for PS4 and Xbox One players who cannot use the same Witcher 3 hacks as PC players to level up fast.

Leveling up in The Witcher 3 is important as it will enable you to fight monsters better and prevent the fast death that many new players experience when they first run into a major enemy.

Level up faster with these Witcher 3 tips and tricks.

Level up faster with these Witcher 3 tips and tricks.

A higher level also unlocks new weapon and inventory items. When you are shopping at the blacksmith or other merchants you should see some options that are only available when you reach a certain level. These weapons will do more damage and the armor provides more protection from enemies.

While a higher level doesn’t make The Witcher 3 a breeze, it does make completing quests easier and should make the game a little more fun.

Here are the best Witcher 3 tips and tricks to level up faster and beat your enemies easier and more frequently.

Witcher 3 Tips to Level Up Fast

The Witcher 3 experience level stops at 70 right now, but it may climb to 100 eventually. If you are reading this guide, you are likely climbing your way to level 5 and higher, where you start to gain access to better gear. Here’s how you can level up faster.

Use the video above and the breakout information below to level up faster in The Witcher 3. Part of the leveling up process allow you to add new skills. The best idea is to specialize so that you can build on a set of skills that will allow you to fight better. Also make sure you use the Mutagen in the skill levels.

The video above also recommends carrying a repair kit when you go on a mission so that you can fix a broken sword while you are in the middle of the fight. You’ll also get a lot of general Witcher 3 tips relating to bomb making, combat and more. Also remember to use the Bestiary to find weaknesses before you battle monsters and ghosts.

Use the Right Trophy

When you start playing The Witcher 3 you will get a contract for a witch haunting a well. Complete this mission and you will get a NoonWraith trophy. After you get this, go to your Inventory and activate the NoonWraith Trophy.

This gives you a 5% boost to your experience against humans and non humans. This simple Witcher 3 tip is a fast way to level up 5% faster. Even after you get the Griffin Trophy it is a good idea to keep the NoonWraith trophy active while you are trying to level up faster.

As you take out other monsters you can unlock other Witcher 3 Trophies that add a 5% experience boost for monsters. Be sure to switch to those when you fight a monster.

Secondary Quests and Contracts

While you are playing, don’t avoid the secondary quests and Witcher Contracts that you come across in each town. The small notice board in each town includes a variety of options to level up faster with relatively easy quests.

Use the boards in towns to find contracts and secondary quests.

Use the boards in towns to find contracts and secondary quests.

If you start this in White Orchard and continue working on this while you are playing through other cities you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can level up without breaking a sweat.

Hidden Treasures

Another thing to look for are hidden treasures. You’ll stumble across these as you explore the world and at least for the start you will find many near the edge of a river or lake where drowners wait to take you out.

You can get experience points for taking out the drowners and then looting the hidden treasures. Here’s a good starting guide to the Witcher 3 hidden treasures.

Witcher 3 Places of Power

Find Witcher 3 Places of Power to quickly level up. When you locate one of these Power Stones you need to press a button in front of it and you will draw power from it and gain experience. Each place of power gives you a boost to the signs that you can use in battle. They also help you level up by gaining experience.

There are 16 Places of Power in The Witcher 3. Watch out for enemies at the Place of Power that you need to take out. Use this guide to the Witcher 3 Places of Power locations to find and use these.

Take Out Bandits and Monster Nests

While you roam through the world you will also come across Monster Nests and Bandits that you can deal with to earn experience and level up quicker. Sometimes these are simple affairs, while other times you will need to retry a few times to beat the bandits or the monsters.

Make sure you have the bombs required before you head to the Monster Nests or you will end up revisiting them again.

Play Gwent

When you play Gwent in The Witcher 3 you can earn experience and pick up some gold along the way if you win. The video below will teach you how to play Gwent so that you can win more often.


Meditate before a big fight to gain an edge.

Meditate before a big fight to gain an edge.

Before you start a big fight or new quest you should meditate. If you have the right ingredients and Alchohest this will replenish your potions. At lower levels meditating will also reload your health so that you are ready for a fight.

While you are at it, it’s always a good idea to save before you start a big fight so that you don’t need to go back to that location if you lose and get all set back up.

Grind & Oil Weapons

When you find a grind stone you can use it to add power to your weapon for 15 minutes. You can use these multiple times and it is a great way to add to the power of your sword before you do battle with a big monster.

There are also opportunities to oil your blade before a fight. When you fight the NoonWraith you will get a short tutorial on this that will help you. You’ll need the right ingredients and you will need to know which oil to use against which type of monster. The video above walks through alchemy in The Witcher 3, including oil that can augment your blade.



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