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LG Confirms Snapdragon 800 for New G Series



Smartphone-maker LG has confirmed that it will be introducing new smartphones under the G Series with Qualcomm’s high-end Snapdragon 800 processor. While the company has largely introduced its Android-based offering under the Optimus branding, it appears that the LG may be dropping the Optimus name on the flagship range and is instead calling its new flagship line the “G Series.”

“LG’s G series device powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processors will redefine the smartphone experience through stunning performance, rich graphics and outstanding battery efficiency,” the company wrote in a press release. “Capable of carrier aggregation, the Snapdragon 800 processor is designed to allow LTE to be even faster by maximizing spectrum bandwidth to increase data speeds and reduce latency.”

lg_logoLG didn’t elaborate on the branding change, however, in its press release, and the company chose instead to focus on its relationship with Qualcomm.

In the past, it was rumored that the Snapdragon 800 CPU was making its way to an Optimus G2. Likely, the G series is a new moniker for that device.

Additional details beyond the use of the Snapdragon 800 CPU was not given by LG. As it’s a high-end device, likely it will come with a high resolution 1080p full HD display and 4G LTE connectivity support.

LG has not provided a launch date for the device either, and we don’t know what pricing will be at this time for the new flagship LG G series smartphone.

More recently, we reported on a rumor that we had heard about LG using always on voice capabilities on a smartphone slated to debut sometime in 2014 that will bring Android voice navigation to LG devices, including the ability to control panning and zooming into maps and browsers by using your voice to control the device.


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