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LG G Flex’s Curved Design Not the Most Exciting Feature



The LG G Flex wowed the tech community with its curved design. But a more interesting feature for daily use might come on the back of the phone, according to a video posted on the LG YouTube channel. LG describes the back plate as “self-healing,” which means that when a user scratches the back of their phone, it will seemingly buff out those scratches on its own.

The video shows the back of the phone compared to a standard back plate with a swinging wire brush scraping the back of both phones. However, the LG G Flex, now confirmed for AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, will look clear of scratches in about two minutes thanks to a technology called micro-encapsulation.

A microcapsule has a core of material inside an outer shell that makes them fluid. Something made with these microcapsules becomes more durable as the material will fill in the scratches, in this case made by a wire brush. Smart phone owners who carry their phones in a pocket or purse without a case will instantly see the benefit of such technology.

lg g flex sratch video

The video above also shows off the phone’s durability. We see the flexible nature of the LG G Flex when a weight rests on the back of the phone, starting with an 8kg weight. Under this weight the phone doesn’t buckle at all. Then they put 16kg of weight on, which presses the phone almost flat, followed by a 32kg weight which presses it flat against the table.


In a more practical demonstration, the video finally shows a split screen with someone pressing on the phone with their hand on the left side of the screen. That’s something users might do as they rest their hands on a table without noticing the curved phone. The other side of the split screen shows someone sitting on the phone, which would likely happen when an owner puts the phone on a chair or in a back pocket.

lg g flex durability test

The first demo solves a real problem. We hope other manufacturers will follow the example of LG, not with curved displays but flexible phones that offers self-healing bodies. Most people scratch the back of their smartphones after a year or two of ownership. We slip our phones into a pocket with keys and change, or a purse with any number of sharp objects like pens or other metal cases.

LG Flex

The second demo seems like a solution to a problem LG created by making a curved phone. A number of people wonder why we need a curved phone. At least LG anticipated the new problem of a curved phone breaking when any weight rests on it. Even if the phone came with a traditional design, the durability shown in this video appeals to smart phone users.

If other phone makers followed suit, we’d put away our ugly annoying cases for good. That’s more exciting than a curved display!

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