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LG G Pad Photos Show LG’s iPad mini Competitior



New pictures of the LG G Pad, a new competitor to the iPad mini and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab line of devices, has surfaced online ahead of its expected launch at IFA 2013.

Details, including an alleged family photo of the G Pad standing next to the LG G2, LG’s latest flagship device, surfaced on Korean tech blog MovePlayer earlier today. In the picture, the G Pad can clearly be seen towering over the LG G2 thanks to its enormous display. If the accompanying information is an accurate indication, users can expect the device to have a display that measures 8.3-inches.

That puts the LG G Pad as a device that is too big to be considered a miniature tablet or phablet, but too small to put considered a direct competitor to the iPad in terms of display size. That mirrors the logic that LG hinted at it in the tablet teaser video that also surfaced on YouTube today

A leaked photo of the LG G Pad next to the LG G2.

A leaked photo of the LG G Pad next to the LG G2.

During that video, LG reps quiz everyday users on the street about what they are looking for in a useful tablet. At least one user cites portability as his biggest concern when using tablets.

While the picture doesn’t showcase both sides of the device, the right edge of the device is clear of any buttons, possibly indicating that LG will add the volume buttons to the rear of the G Pad just like it did with the LG G2. During its public unveiling of the G2, LG maintained that by moving these buttons to the back, it made their devices both easier to use and thinner than other devices on the market.

Specifications included with the photos detail a device that’s fairly modern as far as tablets go. The 8.3-inch FHD display will have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. While the report didn’t include any details about the device’s other internal systems, a report earlier today from Techkiddy indicated that the device could feature a modest Snapdragon 600 processor and 4G LTE compatibility. For reference, the HTC One also uses a Snapdragon 600 processor.

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LG could announcement details about the LG G Pad at its event during IFA 2013 next week. 

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1 Comment

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