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LG G Watch Could Join Moto 360 for Summer Release



With many flagship Android smartphones for 2014 already here, a lot of consumer interest is taking aim at wearable devices like the smartwatch. More importantly, the upcoming LG G Watch and Moto 360 announced last month.

Last month Google announced Android Wear, a new platform set to deliver an efficient user interface to wearable devices like the smartwatch, and it instantly gained traction with consumers once a few demo videos surfaced. We’ve yet to hear any further details since the initial reports, but today some new leaks are revealing the price and expected release date for the LG G Watch, and presumably the Moto 360.


Between Google, Motorola and LG, the details regarding pricing and a release date were quite vague, with most stating “coming this summer” regarding when we can expect the smartwatches to arrive.

The Moto 360 gained the most attention due to the wearable being a smartwatch that also looks like jewelry, rather than just a gadget on your wrist, not to mention the beautiful concept renders shown in the link below. Today though, we’re getting details, pricing, release date, and even a few leaked photos of the LG G Watch courtesy of Pocket-Lint.

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According to information acquired by Pocket-Lint the LG G Watch is set to make a debut sometime in June, being released before July and under the coveted $299 price tag we’ve heard from a few other sources. While this can’t be confirmed, they claim this was information received right from LG. The site also managed to grab multiple hands-on photos of the watch (screen off) and compared it to the new Samsung Gear 2 announced back in February.


While we still don’t have too many details about Android Wear, the LG G Watch, or the Moto 360, it appears that Google and its partners are aiming for a June release date right around the same time as Google’s annual I/O developer event on June 25th.

With Google I/O and summer fast approaching, expect more and more details to surface over the next coming weeks and months regarding the LG G Watch and Moto 360.

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1 Comment

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