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LG G Watch Release Date & Price Rumored



Google’s annual developer event is quickly approaching. An event where many expect Google to announce the future of Android, and fully reveal its new operating system for wearable devices like the LG G Watch and Moto 360 smartwatch.

Back in March Google announced Android Wear, an Android-based mobile OS built for wearable devices like a smartwatch, and one of the main products we’ve been hearing and seeing run the new OS is the LG G Watch. Rumors state the G Watch will be the first Android Wear device on the market, but new details today are potentially revealing much much more.

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The two devices that consumers can expect to first arrive running Android Wear are the G Watch mentioned above, as well as the hotly anticipated Moto 360. We’ve been hearing both are coming this summer, but a new report from MoDaCo claims the LG G Watch will officially launch on July 7th. This is for the UK, mind you, but we could see a similar launch around the globe following Google’s announcements at Google I/O the last week of June.


Lately we’ve been seeing more and more details start to emerge about Android Wear and these smartwatches, with the LG G Watch appearing in a quick video last week. With a potential release date growing closer both devices are starting to surface, because we also received our first look at the Moto 360 in the flesh as well.

At this point the details surrounding what to expect from these watches, and from Android Wear, remain to be seen. Google’s event at the end of June will reveal all the key details, features, specs, and information consumers and prospective buyers are waiting to learn.

The details that arrived today from MoDaCo claim the device will be for sale starting July 7th, but he takes things a step further by also suggesting a price. The tipster claims it will cost less than the entry-level Samsung Gear 2 Neo smartwatch released earlier this year by Samsung, which is $199. Meaning we could see a $179 or similar price for the all-new LG G Watch as soon as July 7th.

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There’s been small rumors that Google will actually launch the LG G Watch with LG on June 15-27th at Google I/O, and make it available for purchase the same day, but we’ll have to wait and see.

In similar news, today we also received our first detailed spec list of the LG G Watch, if a new rumor from @upleaks is the be believed. This leakster claims prospective buyers can expect around 36 hours of stand-by battery life on the LG G Watch, a device that will officially sport a 1.65-inch display.


His information suggests a decently sized 400 mAh battery will be inside and offer 36 hours of standby usage. However, that reveals little about screen-on time, which is one of the main factors when talking about battery life on a mobile device these days. Add in the screen being lit up, notifications coming and going, and a watch face glowing and that number could be a lot smaller.

We can expect plenty of additional details, pricing, and information to arrive throughout the month or at Google’s event, and will surely keep an eye out for more leaks. Rumor has it a competing Android Wear-based smartwatch will arrive later this year from both HTC and Samsung as well, which means LG and the Moto 360 will have plenty of competition in the Android wearables space.

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