LG G2 Pre-Orders Begin on Sprint

The LG G2, LG’s flagship smartphone that comes complete with rear-facing volume buttons and optical image stabilization, is now available for pre-order on Sprint.

Sprint begun taking pre-orders for the device today, however users who do place a pre-order won’t get their devices until November 8th. While Sprint’s version of the device is a little late — Verizon and AT&T launched versions of the device already — the carrier is making users’ choice of where to get the handset a little harder.

The device will only cost Sprint users $99 plus a two-year service agreement. In comparison, the LG G2 costs users on AT&T and Verizon $199 with a two-year service agreement. Sprint is also throwing in a free black QuickWindow case when users pre-order the device ahead of its launch.

The QuickWindow case includes a rear-colored shell that protects the device and a small windowed flap to protect the LG G2’s 5.2-inch display. The device uses the case’s built-in window to showcase notifications and the current time — even when the device is in sleep.

Users can pre-order the device in both black and white, though they’ll have to make do with either version only shipping with 32GB of on-board storage.

The LG G2

Buying the LG G2 off contract will cost users $549, and Sprint’s website makes it clear that users are saving an extra $100 by ordering it online with a two-year service agreement, that means that those wait to purchase the device in-store could see a price hike of $199.

While talk of the LG G2 has quieted in recent weeks, the LG G2 is a powerhouse. Thanks to its quad-core 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM and spacious 5.2-inch HD IPS display GottaBeMobile’s Chuong Nguyen declared it a worthy competitor to the Samsung Galaxy S4 in his review earlier this year.

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That being said, Nguyen was less than impressed with the Optical Image Stabilization technology used on the device’s 13-megapixel rear-facing camera.

Still, users looking for an alternative to Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and the HTC One could find that the LG G2 meets all of their demands

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