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LG G3 Android Lollipop Bug Fixing Update Emerges



Way back in February the LG G3 Android Lollipop update finally started rolling out in the United States on multiple carriers, following a release in other regions around the globe. The T-Mobile LG G3 Android 5.0 update started in April but was quickly delayed due to some problems and bugs, and today we’re happy to announce a new LG G3 update has been released.

LG promised to deliver the Android 5.0 Lollipop update within 90 days for all owners, which it met, but that wasn’t the case for those in the United States. In December it hit Korea, India, Poland, and parts of Europe, then the update arrived in the US in February, and now here in June the update is still slowly arriving for more owners.

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Users with the LG G3 who received the Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update have been enjoying LG and Google’s latest software, but we’ve also seen hundreds of complaints claiming it’s causing more harm than good, and users are frustrated by LG G3 Android 5.0 problems. Today an update has been approved to fix most of those.

The LG G3 has been updated to Android 5.0 on all major carriers in the United States, including T-Mobile, but this morning T-Mobile announced that they’re going to re-release the LG G3 Android 5.0 update.

Apparently the original release on T-Mobile back in April was pulled after a week or so because of bugs, problems, or other issues. We didn’t know T-Mobile pulled the LG update, and most users are currently running Android 5.0.1 on the T-Mobile LG G3. However, if you haven’t received it, or did and are experiencing lots of problems, a new update is coming this week to fix them.

T-Mobile’s online voice Des confirmed the news this afternoon on Twitter, stating the T-Mobile G3 Lollipop update has passed all tests, and will be rolling out soon.

This could be the same Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update T-Mobile originally started rolling out back in April but with a bunch of bug fixes, it could be Android 5.0.2 like some other carriers delivered, or if we’re lucky, it could even be Android 5.1, but that’s doubtful.

At this point we’re not exactly sure what’s going on, but the T-Mobile support page states the Android 5.0.1 update is on “pause” and today Des confirmed it has been approved and will be available shortly. Most likely it will be the same Android 5.0.1 software but with most of the problems fixed, but it’s hard to say. We’re expecting this update to fix most of the problems users have been experiencing, and if it doesn’t feel free to check out our guide below with fixes.

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Last month Google released the latest Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update to curb most of the problems introduced with Android 5.0 and Android 5.1, and it’s the best version of Lollipop yet. There’s no word on when Android 5.1 or Android 5.1.1 is headed to the LG G3, but it should be coming soon.

This week the LG G Flex 2 received Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, so the LG G4, LG G3, and even the LG G2 should all be seeing updates to Android 5.1 in the near future. Stay tuned, and we’ll update the moment we have more details on this software upgrade.

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