LG G3 Fully Detailed Ahead of Launch
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LG G3 Fully Detailed Ahead of Launch



The incoming LG G3 flagship smartphone has been the subject of much debate, plenty of leaks, and various rumors, but everything will be officially announced later this month on May 27th.

Over the past three weeks the rumors have started to arrive at an alarming rate and revealing plenty about the upcoming smartphone, but today we’ve received a full set of images which fully reveal the all-new LG G3 like never before.

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This week a few blurry photos leaked of the upcoming LG G3 ahead of the announcement date, but today courtesy of PhoneArena we have five full press photos giving us all the details and showing off all three colors we’re hearing will arrive across the globe come launch date. More details and all the photos can be found below.


Rather than a few flurry and fuzzy photos or concepts that don’t have the final design accurate, above and below are purportedly a set of five official press photos of the all-new LG G3. Here we see the gold variant, black, and the white model, and we can clearly see the brushed aluminum-looking design.

While the LG G3 will still be mostly made of lightweight plastics, there’s an aluminum ring around the side, and an aluminum power button around back. Those aside, the entire backplate (which is removable) will all be plastic but with a brushed aluminum look to keep it elegant.

Early reports and some recent leaks suggested an aluminum model was coming, but so far all signs are pointing to this being a mostly plastic device. Similar to the Galaxy Note 3 having a faux leather back, the LG G3 will have a faux aluminum design throughout.


The colors are being called Amber Gold, Titan Gray, and White Silver, but we’ll have to wait for the official announcement to know for sure. We’ve been hearing all along that all three colors will be available at launch, which would be nice, considering Samsung’s Galaxy S5 was revealed in four colors but only two are available nearly 2 months later.

So when will the LG G3 and all three of these stunning colors and designs be available? Last week LG confirmed the launch date. Stating the LG G3 will officially be announced live on stage on May 27th. While that’s only the announcement, the company also confirmed the phone will be available throughout the globe and on shelves before the end of June.

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Recent rumors and speculation have suggested the LG G3 will actually launch across all five major US carriers and around the globe during the first week of June, just a week or two after the initial 27th announcement date. In the past LG took over a month from announcement to release, like the LG G2 launch, but in 2014 they’re aiming for Samsung and the release date has been moved up dramatically.

The new photos leaked this afternoon are giving us some of the best looks of the all new LG G3 we’ve received yet, but sadly they arrived with no further details. Meaning there’s no new information aside from another conflicting report on the processor. The LG G3 will have a powerful 2.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor and 2/3GB of RAM, but we’re not sure if this will be the Snapdragon 801 or 805. Either way, the phone will be fast and smooth, and this won’t be much of an issue for most consumers.

Along with the five images being shown off today, the leakster confirmed the 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD display, the first of its kind on a device in the United States, as well as a 13 megapixel OIS+ camera on board. Previous reports confirm the rear has the usual buttons, a 13 MP camera, the dual-stage flash, and the sensor to the left of the camera is an Infrared laser for improved photography, especially in low light.

While we’re still waiting for a few remaining details, such as final specs and a solid release date, below is a brand new teaser video released by LG themselves. One which all but confirms the LG G3 is indeed coming soon.


In the video above LG teases the rear buttons, the Optical Image Stabilization technology around the camera, and seemingly teases some impressive speakers on the device. The LG G2 had bottom facing dual stereo speakers, but LG moved this back to the rear bottom for some odd reason with the G3, so we’ll have to wait its arrival to see how they compare.


Again, the LG G3 is set to be fully announced and revealed to the world on May 27th, which is under two weeks away. We’ve seen leaks confirming a Sprint and AT&T release date, but most likely the G3 will arrive on all five major US carriers before the end of June. As promised by LG themselves late last month.



  1. ciph3ro

    05/14/2014 at 11:01 am

    Imagine a metal LG G3. That would be epic! Shut up and take my money!

  2. Andy

    06/16/2014 at 7:46 pm

    I know what I want to accomplish with my device, I just need it to be ready to accept commands and process them quickly. The G3 has performed that role as well as any handset I’ve used in the past year and, a few cosmetic issues aside, is my favorite phone of 2014.

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