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LG G3 Leaks Suggest Summer Launch to Rival Galaxy S5



With summer quickly approaching and 2014 fast under way we’ve seen major smartphone releases from Samsung with the Galaxy S5 and the new One M8 from HTC, and the last few are the LG G3 and Motorola’s upcoming successor to the Moto X.

We’ve been following reports and rumors on the LG G3 for quite some time, all which are stating the phone will be pretty impressive, but today we’ve received the most compelling information yet regarding the new smartphone and when it will actually be released.

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Sources have confirmed some exclusive details and shared some pictures with The Verge, showing off a box for what will be the LG G3 smartphone in gold. Yes, another gold smartphone is coming to take on the iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5. Below we’ll rundown everything we know so far, and all the new details consumers need to know.


Details surrounding the new LG G3 have slowly but steadily been arriving, but one thing that remains unclear are a few of the final specs, and more importantly, the release date. Early on rumors suggested the Galaxy S5 was putting pressure on LG to launch sooner than expected, and apparently that’s the case.

The last round of rumors out of South Korea go on to state we’ll be seeing the all-new and impressive LG G3 flagship smartphone sometime in May when the company makes an official announcement, and we can expect it to go on sale in June. We’ve also heard earlier reports of August, so at the moment things are rather unclear. However, the LG Optimus G arrived in November, and last year the LG G2 didn’t launch until September. Meaning that’s a pretty huge jump to LG’s yearly release cycle.

The LG G2 was an impressive phone, but arrived rather late and lost sales and customers to the Galaxy S4, Sony’s latest, and the HTC One, and the company is apparently hoping to change that up this year. We’ve now heard more than a few reports of a May unveil and June release date, and two new details could potentially back that up. The image above is a retail box for the LG G3 in Gold, which will apparently be one of the main colors. For the company to already have retail boxes ready to go is a pretty clear indication of an upcoming release date.


Earlier this week a photo surfaced of the LG Isia for KDDI in Japan, which is model LGL24. This is a device we won’t see in the United States, but could very well be the base in which the LG G3 is designed and released for the rest of the world. Last year the LGL22 was extremely similar to the LG G2 (as you can see below) and it’s highly likely that the successor leaked above, the LGL24, will again be very similar to what we see in the LG G3.

This is the LGL22 (left) and LG G2 (right)

This is the LGL22 (left) and LG G2 (right)

The blue smartphone shown above could very well be a similar looking device to what is actually released and revealed as the LG G3 later this year, and The Verge says its sources confirm that. We can’t be sure quite yet, but it looks like the LG G3 will have extremely thin and small bezels unlike any smartphone we’ve seen thus far.

Another thing worth mentioning is the date shown on the LGL24 leaked photo. It’s listed as May 1st, which many manufacturers do as a hint for the release date. So while the LG G3 rumors are still up in the air, this phone could hit Japan in May, and eventually a similar smartphone could come to the US and around the globe roughly around the same time. Consumers shouldn’t expect the LG G3 to be revealed on May 1st, but it’s somewhat possible given the leaks we’ve seen thus far.

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We’ve seen leaked release dates, benchmark photos, and even a confirmation that the LG G3 will be headed to Sprint, but we still don’t know when. If all these leaks are accurate it should be here before the end of June, but we can’t say for sure.

For those wondering what to expect out of the LG G3 as far as design and specs, we have the details on that too. The Verge once more confirms the LG G3 will sport a 5.5-inch “Quad HD” display with a 2560 x 1440 resolution. The slim bezels will keep the device size small, while making the screen bigger. LG is taking aim at the Galaxy S5.

Rumor has it the LG G3 will offer a 5.5-inch QHD 2560 x 1440 2k display, and be powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor with 3GB of RAM. Leaks suggest 32GB of internal storage, micro-SD support, wireless charging, Android 4.4.2 KitKat with a new UI, and a 13-16 megapixel OIS camera. Of course nothing is official until LG confirms it themselves, and we’ll update the moment we know more details.

For now the LG G3 name and QHD display is confirmed, and it looks like the release date should be much earlier than we originally expected. Look for the LG G3 to arrive sometime this summer.

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