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New LG G3 Photos & Details Emerge



Over the past few weeks the rumors have been flooding in regarding the all new LG G3 smartphone, and now three more leaks have arrived revealing plenty of important details. Not to mention our first good look at what is rumored to be the LG G3.

Now that Samsung and HTC have both unveiled their flagship smartphones for 2014 with the Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8, consumers are now waiting to see what is coming from LG and Motorola. While we’ve heard plenty of rumors over the past few weeks, below you’ll see three photos showing off the LG G3 for the first time ahead of the unveil.

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This week two major details were both revealed by LG themselves regarding the new phone, but those are just dates which we’ll talk about below. What we have today is two extremely clear photos giving us our first look at the front and back of the LG G3, as well as some cases showcasing the same design, which helps confirm the leaks are real.


The LG G3 will be announced and revealed to the world at a press event on May 27th, as LG started sending out invites earlier this week. Then to be even more precise the company also confirmed its flagship LG G3 smartphone will be released in the United States before the end of June.

LG confirmed its flagship phone will be released during Q2 of 2014, which ends in June. So while we’ve yet to hear a concrete release date, multiple rumors have speculated a same-day release date on the 27th, if not sometime in the first few weeks of June.

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Earlier this week the first live photos of the LG G3 surfaced, but the fuzzy and blurred out images were hiding most of the important details. Thus far we’ve only see the new redesigned buttons on the back, but above and below are two brand new photos showing prospective buyers the best look yet. Spotted on the Korean site are two clear images giving us a few more details and an idea of what to expect.


These photos don’t reveal too many new details, but we can clearly see that most leaks leading up to today have been accurate regarding the display and the buttons on the back. The huge screen shown above is surrounded by extremely small bezels to keep the overall device size down, and the sides have minimal bezels as well. While the front is hard to see, it’s clear that like the LG G2 from 2013 the new LG G3 will have a small top and bottom.

The first image at the top of the page, however, is giving us a rather unique look at those rear-facing buttons. This was a staple and key feature in the G2, and this year LG has improved and redesigned the rear buttons to be more functional, and they’ve lost the hump from last year too.

Based on previous leaks we have a 13 or 16 megapixel rear camera with Optical Image Stabilization, a dual stage flash to the right, and a second sensor (rumored to be an IR blaster for remote control features) off to the left, with the buttons below the camera. Instead of having raised volume rockers and hump for the power button it all actually appears to be concave. There’s a dip for a users finger to easily turn up or down the volume, power on the device, and of course swipe the finger on that rumored fingerprint scanner.


This is quite different than the LG G2 and LG G Flex as shown above. Then for a closer look an image was also leaked this week from @evleaks.

To recap the rumored specs, the LG G3 is aiming to be a pretty impressive device all around. We’re hearing a 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 Quad HD display will be accompanied by Android 4.4.2 KitKat and a redesigned software interface. There’s a quad-core processor with 3GB of RAM to keep the phone fast and fluid for years to come, and users should have 16 and 32GB of storage options with a micro-SD slot for user expandable storage.

The phone appears to have a nice rounded convex shape around back, which lends credence to the rumors of a large 3,300 mAh battery as well.

According to GforGames the LG G3 design has been finalized, is under mass production, and LG is aiming for over 10 million in sales. We only have a few more weeks to wait until all is revealed on May 27th, but it’s likely that more leaks and details will arrive well ahead of the announcement and release date.

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 10.32.33 AM

Lastly, shown above, is another leaked image of the upcoming LG G3 in a protective case. While the on-screen image appears to be from an earlier leak, the rest of the design matches what’s being shown above. Until today most rumors suggested the LG G3 would have bottom facing stereo speakers just like the LG G2, but these latest leaks all show a Samsung-like rear mounted speaker.

It’s clear that the LG G3 is coming, and coming soon. Leaks are starting to appear more and more as summer approaches, and we’re now starting to see accessories and case manufacturers reveal the design. The official May 27th reveal will be here shortly, and consumers will then be able to decide if this is their next phone, or to get the Galaxy S5 instead.

Prospective buyers can expect more and more details, images and leaks to continue to surface well ahead of the release date, and we’ll update the moment we know more.

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