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LG G3 Promo Videos Show 6 Killer Features



When it comes to the brand new LG G3 smartphone which was announced and officially revealed last month, there are plenty of exciting features to like. From the laser auto-focus camera to a resizable keyboard and more.

While we took the time to mention plenty of the killer new features in our initial hands-on and impressions of the G3, today LG has revealed six brand new promotional videos highlighting a few more. Everything from the new QuickCircle  protective case to the smart keyboard, which was one of our favorite new software changes.

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LG has been talking up the improved and smarter keyboard it will deliver with the G3, as well as tons of other software tweaks like KnockCode for security, the flip cover, and even guest mode for those moments when you have to share your smartphone. If you’ve been waiting for more details before our full review in the coming weeks, check out the new videos below.


Before we get started on the videos, surely many readers are curious when we can expect the LG G3 to be released. Currently there’s no exact time-frame regarding a launch from US carriers, but early reports suggested before the end of June. However, lately rumors are suggesting a very late June release and possibly into July for most carriers stateside.

Last year the LG G2 first arrived on AT&T and Verizon, then later on Sprint and T-Mobile but so far the details are rather light for the new G3. LG promises it will be one of the biggest launches in the history of LG Mobile, but hopefully additional carrier details emerge soon. One rumor has the LG G3 coming first to Verizon, but that’s yet to be confirmed.

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We’ll keep an eye out for additional release news and details, and in the meantime enjoy the six brand new promotional videos below.

Smart Tips

Here LG shows off the Smart Tips and alerts users can expect from the new G3. Using a new Siri-like software feature where you’ll be reminded to return missed calls, bring an umbrella if it might ran (before you ask) and plenty of other smart tips and reminders.

Smart Keyboard

The new keyboard tweaks delivered by LG looks quite promising. Everything from adjusting the size and height of the keyboard, to enabling gestures that will allow for faster typing and auto-complete actions.

QuickCircle Case

The New QuickCircle case takes a similar approach as the original Samsug S-View case, and other windowed flip cases from LG in the past. Offering a nice circle view of your clock and weather widget, one which also will give important alerts or even let users answer a call all without ever removing or opening the flip case. You’ll even be able to quickly launch specific apps like the Music Player or camera without ever opening your protective case.


With the LG G3 users will have a brand new dual window or dual browser mode to allow even more productivity and multitasking. This is a popular feature with Samsung devices and was rumored to arrive with iOS 8 but didn’t, and will be offered by the LG G3. Allowing users to split apps on the large 5.5-inch screen to watch YouTube or Netflix while responding to a movie, or lookup a recipe in the browser while composing an email. Pretty neat right?

Guest Mode

As the name suggests, guest mode will allow users to retain their privacy on the LG G3 by enabling a quick guest mode during those daunting moments where someone needs to use or borrow your device. LG doesn’t just show these features off, but also how to enable them yourselves once you get the device later this summer.


And finally we have KNOCKcode, a feature that LG has been talking up since last year. With the G2 we got a new KNOCKon feature where a double tap of the screen would instantly turn it on, rather than fumble around for the power button, and that’s been improved with KNOCKcode. The video above should have explained it pretty well. Let’s just say this is a privacy and security feature all-in-one.

Users and readers can expect plenty of detailed hands-on and how to articles right here in the coming days or weeks, but for those who already own a G3 (in Korea only for now) these videos will be a big help.

The LG G3 is poised to be one of the best smartphones of 2014, and hopefully LG and US carriers can deliver it to eager consumers and prospective buyers sooner rather than later.



  1. Hildy J

    06/09/2014 at 12:29 pm

    GottaBeMobile’s corporate autocorrect software replaced “Google Now” with “Siri” in the Smart Tips section. The tip cards add features to the existing Android interface (and make it prettier).

    To my mind, the split screen is the best feature. Android already does multi-tasking well but only with app switching. It’s rumored that windowed apps will make the next version.

  2. Ben

    06/09/2014 at 7:29 pm

    Well, I pre-ordered LG G3 recently on carphone ware house along with a qi wireless charger and waiting for my product to get delivered at my doorsteps. I choose 32GB internal storage, 3GB RAM model and its 3000mAh battery seems impressive.

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