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LG G4 Rumored to Take on Galaxy S6 Design



Now that both the HTC One M9 and Samsung’s Galaxy S6 lineup have been announced and revealed, users are shifting their attention to other upcoming devices like the LG G4. In early February the new LG G4 smartphone was somewhat confirmed by LG themselves, following some recent rumors, and now new reports are claiming it will be a huge improvement over the G3. Built to compete with the Galaxy S6, iPhone 6 and more.

The popular LG G3 was announced back in May of 2014 and quickly became one of the best Android smartphones thanks to some impressive specs and a big 5.5-inch HD screen. We’ve heard a few reports about the upcoming LG G4, and after rumors of the display surfaced recently we’re now hearing even more about it, as well as comments from LG themselves.

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Last year some initial rumors started floating around about LG’s upcoming smartphone, but we’re still waiting for some more solid rumors that paint a clear picture. With HTC and Samsung’s phones both now official, rumors and leaks will start to focus on the LG G4 and bring more details to light. That said, below are the latest bits of information, as well as a few comments from LG’s own Cho Juno, the head of their mobile division.

This is the LG G3

This is the LG G3

After both Samsung and HTC confirmed the March 1st launch date, one LG executive took to Google+ and let prospective buyers know the LG G4 will not be shown off during the first week of March at the annual Mobile World Congress show. Instead, the company is taking a little extra time to perfect the device before releasing it to the public.

Now that Mobile World Congress has passed, LG is sharing a few details in an attempt to keep the LG G4 in buyers minds as the competitions smartphones start arriving. According to LG’s Cho Juno, the company has huge plans and put tons of resources into an all-new LG G4, as well as another smartphone that will  “one-up” the G4 and be even better, coming later this year. This could be a phone to take on the Galaxy Note 4 or Note 5, but we can’t be for sure at this point.


In previous years the LG G lineup offered excellent designs, sleek bezels, and big displays all wrapped in a plastic shell similar to Samsung. However, according to the Korean Times the LG G4 will directly compete with the design of not only the Galaxy S6, but the HTC One M9, and even Apple’s iPhone 6.

Their sources suggest LG put tons of effort into an entirely new design for the new LG G4 with a premium metal body, but will still deliver the sleek look many love from LG, including the rear button design. Whoever the Korean Times spoke to from LG said they’ve worked hard to perfect this new look, as well as the user interface and experience. So much in fact, that they’ll debut and show off a new LG UX 4.0 (user experience) software running Android 5.0 Lollipop (or 5.1 Lollipop) ahead of the LG G4 release, and then that will debut with the new flagship phone later this year. Rumors are still pointing towards a May announcement with a June release date for the new G4.

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Hopefully LG manages to build a better design with premium materials, yet keep everything users love about the LG G3, including the micro-SD slot, unlike Samsung’s Galaxy S6.

Speaking of the other device, the KoreaHerald reported that a new smartphone will be better than the already impressive G series, and is aimed at thinning the gap between Samsung and Apple, as LG hopes to take the number 3 spot as the best smartphone manufacturer around. We’re not sure what this will be, what they’ll call it, or when it’s coming, but the report did say later this year. Possibly suggesting that it will debut after the rumored LG G4.

For now most of the details on both of these phones are still a mystery and only rumors, but as the year moves forward expect tons of additional information on the all-new LG G4 ahead of its release.

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1 Comment

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    My update crashed during installation. Now I have wait another day for update. Phone says my software is up to date after the crash.

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