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LG G5 Release Details Continue to Surface



Reports and rumors about the LG G5 continue to arrive at a fast pace, but now LG themselves are getting in on the action. Confirming the G5 will debut on February 21st, and now teasing some of the features ahead of the announcement and release date. Here’s the latest news.

At this point we know a lot about the LG G5 already. From leaked renders, live photos, rumor mills and more. Then LG started teasing the device and posted photos with the #5 in them, revealed the 21st is “#LGG5Day” and more.

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This year LG has a completely different approach it hopes can take on the likes of Samsung and Apple. By releasing an all metal phone, unique features that no one else is offering, while still having a removable battery, micro-SD card for storage expansion and other things. However, we received one more piece of information this afternoon.


The official LG Mobile Facebook page has been posting some odd GIF’s lately about the LG G5. However, today an image appeared from LG Mobile teasing a huge feature that will be highly enjoyed on the LG G5. It will have an “always-on display” but that’s about all we learned from the GIF.

LG is wasting no time sharing and showing off small pieces of the phone before the unveiling, rather than saving it all for the announcement date. They’ve done this in the past, and we can expect to know a lot more about the phone from LG themselves before February 21st arrives. Below is the GIF right from LG personally.


Previously rumors suggested the LG G5 would have two screens on the front, similar to the LG V10 from late last year. One being a 5.3-inch Quad-HD display, and a secondary 2.1-inch “ticker” display or screen for notifications, quick access to apps, and other unique features many users enjoy. However, this teaser seems to suggest otherwise. A having a secondary display to show notifications, and an always-on display like we see above wouldn’t make any sense. Both do the same thing.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an “always-on” type feature. The Moto X lineup has something like this where the screen blinks notifications that can quickly be accessed, and Google’s Nexus lineup has an “ambient display mode” that does something similar.

And while LG didn’t go into detail, we see what’s going on here. The screen appears to be in a low-power always on state displaying the time, date, and a few easy to access apps like missed calls, texts, the camera and more. This will likely be customizable as well.

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For now we don’t know if this will always be on 100% of the time, as that could drain the battery or cause “burn-in” on the screen, so we’ll have to wait and see how LG plans to incorporate this feature into its new flagship smartphone.

Other details suggest the phone will be made of all metal, which is shown in this teaser as well. Not to mention a powerful 8-core processor, 3-4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage with a micro-SD slot, a big 3,000 mAh or bigger replaceable battery, dual cameras on the back for improved photos, laser auto-focus, image stabilization, a fingerprint scanner, and a “magic slot” on the bottom back that slides out and allows users to add modular accessories to the phone. Like action cameras, add-on accessories and more. Again, we don’t know what LG has up its sleeve, but will find out soon.

LG plans to unveil the phone on February 21st, then have it released around the globe and from all carriers in the United States before the end of March. Stay tuned for more details.

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1 Comment

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